‘Big Brother’ Live Eviction & HOH Spoilers for 10/15/2020

Nicole Franzel finally won her first Head of Household and Power of Veto of the season in the Big Brother 22 house

CBS Nicole Franzel finally won her first Head of Household and Power of Veto of the season in the Big Brother 22 house

UPDATE 2:</B The feeds came back at 12:20 am ET/9:20 pm PT and Enzo Palumbo is the new Head of Household. Now that is interesting. This is either his chance to make a huge move and get Cody Calafiore out of the house or else he, Cody, and Nicole Franzel will sail into final three. It really depends on the Power of Veto winner.

UPDATE: The show left us with another Head of Household cliffhanger. We will update this post as soon as the live feeds return with who won the HOH competition.

The original post continues below.

The Big Brother 22 house is whittling down for its final two weeks. Nicole Franzel won her first Head of Household competition and nominated Christmas Abbott and Memphis Garrett for eviction. Then Franzel won the Power of Veto, guaranteeing that her nominations would stay the same.

All week, Franzel and her ally Cody Calafiore have been talking about Garrett being the target, though some rumblings on the part of Enzo Palumb did have them considering sending Abbott out the door to the jury house. We suspect it will still be Garrett who is sent packing, but you never know.

Follow along below with our live eviction and Head of Household competition recap, but BE WARNED OF SPOILERS. Don’t keep reading if you don’t want to be spoiled.

All times Eastern.

8:05 — It’s time for the live eviction episode and hopefully, as Julie Chen Moonves teases, someone is going to be blindsided. Because yes, both Christmas and Memphis think they are safe.

8:10 — Following the Power of Veto ceremony where Nicole did not use the POV, Cody and Enzo start trying to figure out who is the best person to evict this week. Meanwhile, Christmas is ready to get Cody out next week. Hopefully, she’ll get that chance — again, not necessarily because we’re rooting for Christmas but because that is the most interesting thing that can happen in the house.

8:15 — Enzo decides that Memphis is the right call for who to keep in the house, so he starts lobbying Cody hard to vote Christmas out. But Cody is not convinced. In this instance, I think Enzo is right — if Christmas stays, she targets Cody and Enzo. If Memphis stays, he might target Nicole. Might. But their chances are better with Memphis than with Christmas.

8:20 — Jury house time. No one is that shocked to see Tyler Crispen walk through the door. When they watch the video package, Daniele Briones makes a pretty good argument for voting for Cody for the winner. Kevin Campbell seems convinced.

8:25 — In the jury house, Da’Vonne Rogers confronts Tyler Crispen about his Black Lives Matter thing from week five. Interestingly, that’s a question he would not answer in his exit interviews. Here, he starts crying telling Da’Vonne that he was being real, but he also realized that he had to play his game and not leave the house. Da’Vonne very magnanimously forgives him rather than read him the riot act about losing his head making promises to them and then going back on something that really hurt Day and Bayleigh.

8:35 — The jury members also get some family video messages — Kevin’s husband, David Alexander’s dad, Ian Terry’s girlfriend, Da’Vonne’s daughter, Tyler’s girlfriend Angela Rummans, and Dani’s husband and daughter. Don’t mind us, we’re just a puddle of tears over here.

8:45 — Time to vote. Cody and Enzo both vote to evict Memphis. The only question is whether they told him ahead of time… based on his reaction, he totally knew he was going.

8:50 — In his exit interview, even though Memphis clearly was not completely blindsided, he’s still a little bit bummed that Enzo and Cody did not take him to the final three. He said he would have taken them, but… I’m not so sure that’s true.

9:00 — As the episode ends, Kaysar Ridha is there to introduce the “Knight Moves” HOH comp, which is OLD-SCHOOL. Wow. That’s great. That footage also makes me want to rewatch BB6, you guys. Julie tells them the HOH competition will begin shortly. As the episode ends, it’s very clear most (all?) of them do NOT know how to play chess. Well, that could be a problem.

We will update this post as SOON as we know who wins HOH. The feeds should come back after the West Coast airing, at midnight ET/9 pm PT tonight, provided the houseguests can get through the HOH competition by then.

Don’t forget — no Big Brother on Sunday anymore. It now airs on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific on CBS. Also, it’s not too late to sign up for the season 22 live feeds. Now that these houseguests finally have to start turning on each other, things are actually getting interesting down the home stretch.

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