Big Brother: Michael Bruner Says One Houseguest Pitched an ‘All-White Alliance’

Michael Bruner

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There has been a lot of drama in the “Big Brother” house this week. On the August 27 live feeds, Michael and Brittany told a few houseguests about a particular conversation they had with Kyle that didn’t sit right with them.

Here’s what you need to know.

Did Kyle Pitch an All-White Alliance?


On August 28, a “Big Brother” fan account shared a clip on Twitter that showed Michael telling Turner about a conversation he had with Kyle in which Kyle mentioned forming an alliance with all the white people in the house.

“Kyle had pitched to me…the term I’m [going to use] he never specifically used, but basically [he] pitched to me an all-white alliance,” Michael said.

According to Michael, Kyle was reportedly worried about the people of color in the house working together, citing the Cookout from season 23 as a reason for his concern.

In a separate Twitter clip posted by another “Big Brother” fan account, Michael and Brittany spoke to Alyssa about their concerns.

In the clip, Michael said that he felt Kyle was making assumptions about the people of color in the house working together without any evidence.

Michael told Alyssa that he asked Kyle why he thought certain players were working together.

“[I asked Kyle], where are you seeing that Taylor is linked with Monte? [Where are you seeing] that Taylor is linked with Joseph? I’m not seeing that,” Michael said.

“[Kyle] couldn’t point to a concrete [reason] like, ‘I see them talking’ or ‘I heard that they do this or that,'” he said. “Then, he [brought] up the Cookout. He’s like, ‘you know, the Cookout last year, they had this unifying goal and I see a unifying goal.’ Basically saying the people of color in the game have a unifying goal and they’re closer with the other people of color in the game and they’re [going to] turn on us and use them as numbers to get us out.”

He continued, “So, without saying the five white people need to stick together, he is saying us five need to stick together without putting that label on it. But it was clear [what he was] insinuating.”

It is important to note that Kyle never explicitly used the term “all-white alliance.”

In a clip posted by the Twitter account “BB Live Updaters,” Alyssa told Kyle about what Michael and Brittany said. Kyle denied that he made a pitch for an all-white alliance, stating that Michael’s statements are “not true at all.”

Kyle was noticeably shaken in the clip and even said he would leave the game if this continued.

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Stay tuned for more “Big Brother” updates.

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