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CBS Michael Bruner

Michael Bruner won Head of Household this week with a score of 11.79 seconds in the “Big Brother Dog Park” competition.

Usually, when a houseguest wins HOH, CBS will air them reading their letter from home, but this week viewers did not get to see Michael read his letter.

Michael’s fiance Hayden took to Twitter after the episode to express his disappointment that CBS decided not to air Michael reading his letter.

“Wow, very surprised by @CBSBigBrother not including my letter to Michael when every single other letter this season has been included… For Michael, I wish they had put it in the episode tonight,” he wrote in an August 7 tweet.

“Big Brother” fans replied to the tweet, telling Hayden they were disappointed that segment was not included in the episode.

“[That’s] so messed up [Hayden] [I’m] so sorry. shame on you @CBSBigBrother do better,” one Twitter user wrote.

“I was just saying no HOH reveal? Whyyy? I wanted to hear the letter and see his reaction to his pics,” another user replied.

“[That] was so upsetting, [Hayden!] [I] was so excited to watch [Michael] read his letter the other night on [the live feeds,] a third user wrote. “[I] cannot believe they didn’t show it on tonight’s episode #bb24.”

Michael’s HOH Letter Revealed

“Big Brother” producers must have caught wind that fans were upset because they shared Michael’s letter on the “Big Brother” official Twitter account.

“We’re not crying, you’re crying,” they wrote in the August 9 tweet. “Check out #BBMichael’s letter from home + all the goodies he got for dominating HOH this week! #BB24.”

The Twitter post included photos of Michael and Hayden, Michael’s assortment of snacks, and his letter from home.

Michael’s letter from Hayden was sweet, thoughtful, and full of updates about their three cats.

“Hi bean!!! The girls and I are so proud of you,” Hayden wrote, referring to their cats.

“First off, we want to wish you a happy birthday!! Just so you know we were up late watching and celebrating with you here in Rochester,” he wrote. “The girls and I are so proud of you!! We are tuning in for each episode and the live feeds every day to watch and cheer you on! All is well at home, and we miss you very much!”

Hayden then updated Michael on how each of their three cats is surviving without him.

“Meghan cat has greeted me at the front door every day when I get home,” he wrote. “She arches her back to get pets, chews on bags after each grocery trip, and continues to groom Sasha daily. She’s almost fallen in the bathtub with me, sitting on the side of the tub.”

“Lila, the most beautiful and grumpy cat I know, is sitting right by me as I write this letter. Yes, she is purring,” he continued. “I can’t count the number of times that she has laid on my chest and purred.”

“Sasha is being such a good girl,” he wrote. “She has been a very sleepy girl too, sleeping at the foot of your side of the bed every night. She watches the birds out the door, chirps while playing with her toys.”

Hayden ended the letter by telling Michael how much he misses him.

“I can’t even describe how much I miss you handsome,” he wrote. “I roll over to get my good morning message, reading the handwritten card you wrote me before leaving. Just know I am sending a good morning message to you every day.”

Hayden included his good morning message to Michael, writing, “Good morning handsome, I love you so much, and I hope you have a good day. I am cheering you on every minute and not a second passes that I don’t think about you. I am so proud of you!”

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Stay tuned for more “Big Brother 24” updates.

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