Punishment Handed Down For Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin in Will Kirby Stalking Case

Mike Malin's booking photo

Denver Police Department Mike Malin's booking photo

“Big Brother” winner Mike “Boogie” Malin has been ordered to pay Dr. Will Kirby damages in the stalking case that was resolved earlier this year. Here’s what the punishment involves and the background on the case.

Malin Has Been Ordered to Pay Nearly $50,000 in Total Damages

According to TMZ, Malin has been ordered by the court to pay $23,219 plus 10 percent interest in damages to his former “Big Brother” Chilltown alliance-mate Kirby. Malin must also pay Kirby’s attorney’s fees, which is just under $21,000. Altogether that puts Malin’s damages at just over $46,000 total.

These damages come in addition to Malin’s sentence of two years probation that he received back in April 2021 when he pleaded “nolo contendere” (no contest, i.e. he is not contesting the charges against him) to the stalking charges. Malin made that plea in order to settle for two years probation and avoid a trial, according to US Weekly.

The court appearance also resulted in Malin being ordered to spend three days in county jail, pay $70 in fees to the court, serve 30 days in a court-selected substance abuse treatment program, perform 160 hours of community service and submit his DNA to be put into a database. He is also prohibited from possession firearms.

Malin would also owe $300 restitution to the court upon “the revocation of probation,” which means if he violates his probation, the probation will be revoked and he will have to pay the court $300. At that point, his attorney would likely re-negotiate a new plea bargain and he could serve jail time.

It Stems From a 2019 Incident Where Malin Threatened Kirby and His Family

The stalking charges stem from an incident back in 2019 when Kirby refused to participate on the all-reality stars edition of “The Amazing Race” with Malin. Kirby said in a petition that Malin sent “very threatening emails” to him where he threatened the lives of Kirby’s two children.

Malin was arrested and later released on those charges and the court date did not occur until April 2021. But in the interim, Malin was arrested in Nevada for a DUI and drug possession in November 2020.

Shortly after Malin’s felony stalking conviction was made public, fellow “Big Brother” season seven houseguest Janelle Pierzina said on Twitter that Malin had been “harassing” her as well.

“Had to block his phone number this week because he was harassing me. Sad what’s happened to him! I hope he gets the help he needs,” wrote Pierzina, adding that she was not surprised at all to hear he was convicted of stalking Kirby.

Pierzina also later said in a chat on Clubhouse that she is not a fan of the team twist on “Big Brother” season 23 because it didn’t work when they did it on a season she participated in, season 14.

“I mean, the team thing can be super beneficial if you’re on a winning, great, amazing team with athletes, yes,” said Pierzina. “But it can also backfire. … Teams gravitate towards other people automatically. I remember when I didn’t want to work with Mike Boogie at all. I hate the man. And my team … made me work with him, which, you know, yuck,” said Pierzina with a laugh. “So teams can work together and a large alliance can still form from that. If two teams have two amazing comp beasts on them, or a few, they can still align.”

“Big Brother” season 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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