Monte Taylor Had a Dream He Was in Bed With Ameerah Jones

Monte Taylor

YouTube Monte Taylor says he had a dream about Ameerah

Monte Taylor caught fans’ attention this week after he revealed he had a dream about former houseguest Ameerah Jones.

Monte and Ameerah formed a connection early on in the game. The two even made a final two deal. But after The Leftovers formed, Monte’s priorities shifted and he agreed to go along with a plan to backdoor Ameerah. In our exit interview with Ameerah, she revealed that she felt the most betrayed by Monte’s vote.

Monte Had a Dream About Ameerah

Monte may have voted to evict Ameerah in week three but that doesn’t mean the personal trainer has forgotten about her.

A “Big Brother” fan account shared a clip on Twitter that showed Monte telling Turner about his dream.

“I slipped into the lion’s den last night man,” he told Turner. “I can’t help that I [dreamt] this. This just happened. But maybe there [is] something going on in my subconscious…I had a dream about Ameerah.”

“That’s lit,” Turner replied. “You’re a conflicted man.”

Turner’s comment about Monte being “conflicted” is in reference to Monte’s situation with Taylor Hale. The two were seen making out on the September 16 live feeds and have continued their physical relationship since then.

Monte then explained his dream to Turner, stating, “It was like, we were in the house, we were playing the game. Joseph was dressed up in a costume. He came out and [he] was like, ‘Oh, This is a very special competition.’ But me and Ameerah had been like sleeping in the same bed. Pretty much working together in the game. It was so f***ing weird.”

In a separate clip, Monte and Turner started analyzing Monte’s dream.

“Well, maybe you were seeing the future or the past in a different reality,” Turner said.

“What could’ve been the future in a different reality,” Monte replied.

Fans React to Monte’s Dream

Fans reacted to Monte and Turner’s dream conversation on Twitter. Many fans criticized Monte for talking about dreaming about another woman while having a physical relationship with Taylor.

“I haven’t been commenting on the majority of the things that Monte says since he started sleeping with Taylor. But to come out of her bed and say he dreamt about another woman is freaking gross,” one Twitter user replied.

“Can Monte never keep s*** to himself omfg? Why am I being forced to listen [to] him analyze a dream about Ameerah after sleeping next to Taylor?” a second user tweeted. “Like he knows we have live feeds right? #bb24″

“For the mere respect of Taylor he could of kept that to himself,” a third user added.

“Again with the over sharing, why tf does he think this is okay to say????? #bb24,” a fourth user tweeted. 

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