A ‘Big Brother’ Alum Now Hosts Shows for Netflix & Discovery


It’s always fun to see what the Big Brother houseguests start doing after their time on the show. One alumni has started to become a successful TV host. His holiday-themed Discovery Channel show just debuted this week and he also has been working on a show for Netflix.

Remember Nick Uhas from Big Brother 15? Check out what he’s up to now!

Uhas Just Debuted a Holiday-Themed Rocket Show on Discovery

Rocket Around the Christmas Tree premiered Thursday, December 3. Hosted by Uhas, it puts teams through “an epic and explosive holiday-themed rocket competition” as they “put their rocketry skills to the test each week as they compete in a series of explosive contests to determine who can take their holiday cheer to new heights and walk away with the coveted ‘Golden Rocket-Tree Topper’ trophy.”

Challenges range from launching Christmas trees sky-high, blasting toy soldiers into a pile of presents, firing candy canes at warp speed, and attempting to transport and land 50 delicate ornaments with standard model rocket kits — without breaking any of the ornaments!

In a teaser clip, Uhas introduces the teams to “Candy Cane Chaos,” which challenges the teams to launch their candy cane the furthest away without breaking it. The show looks like a ton of fun and Uhas seems to be having a blast (ahem) hosting it.

According to Discovery’s press release, teams include “The Odd Rocketeers, made up of longtime friends Max Kauker and Alex Moreno, who met through their university’s rocketry club and discovered friendship at first flight.” There is also the “Snow It ALls,” Alex and Lydia Yeckley, “a unique father-daughter duo of mechanical engineers who are ready to put their shared history of high-pressure robotics competitions to the test.” And there’s “married couple Myron and Tiera Fletcher, known as team Rocket With The Fletchers, ready to put their advanced degrees in fields like structural and thrust engineering to use and their motto, ‘Faith, Love and Rockets,’ into action.”

Uhas Also Hosted a Glass-Blowing Competition Show for Netflix

Blown Away (Season 1) Netflix TrailerTen master artists turn up the heat in glassblowing sculpture challenges for the chance to win $60,000 in prizes and the title of champion. See what else is new on Netflix: whats-on-netflix.com/whats-new/2019-07-12T12:55:07Z

In 2019, Uhas debuted Blown Away, which pitted “10 master artists” against one another in “glassblowing sculpture challenges for the chance to win $60,000 in prizes.”

One of the prizes was a residency at the Corning Museum of Glass. The museum, located in New York, which “houses the world’s most comprehensive collection of glass, the library of record on glass, and one of the top glassmaking schools in the world, served as a key consulting partner on the series,” according to the press release. The second season of the show premieres January 22, 2021, on Netflix.

You can also find Uhas hosting his YouTube science show “Nickipedia,” which features Uhas conducting all sorts of impressive science experiments, like making DIY soap, creating fire tornadoes, and melting glass in a microwave.

On Big Brother 15, Uhas was known as kind of the wise guy in the house — he was quick-witted and highly entertaining. Unfortunately, that kind of rubbed the other houseguests the wrong way and he was the second person evicted. But he is obviously doing just fine in his post-Big Brother career.

Rocket Around the Christmas airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on the Discovery Channel. If you missed the first episode, it is being rebroadcast on Sunday, December 6, and Saturday, December 12, both at 9 a.m. ET/PT.

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