Nicole Franzel Gives Major Pregnancy Update

Nicole Franzel pregnant

Instagram Nicole Franzel shares a selfie on Instagram.

Nicole Franzel updated fans on her pregnancy three weeks before her due date, and she had some pretty big news to share.

The “Big Brother” Season 18 champ, who also competed on Season 16 and last summer’s All-Stars round, is expecting her first child with her husband, fellow “Big Brother” alum Victor Arroyo,  in late July. But Franzel may already know the date her baby boy, Victor “Arrow” Arroyo IV,  will be born.

In a new update shared to her Instagram page, Franzel captioned a pic from her maternity photo shoot with a major update as she hit her 37th week of pregnancy.

“Arrow is still breech & I’m now officially scheduled for a c-section which is terrifying to me,” she wrote. “Having a countdown is stressful for some reason, I would rather not know when I’m going to give birth.”

Franzel joked that she is “clearly not a planner.” She also expressed concern over her impending c-section.

“I’ve never had a surgery in my life,” she wrote. “Which I’m so thankful for & the thought of it sends me in a spiral (working on hypnosis techniques for this). My goals for the week: take my birthing classes every day, work on flipping techniques aggressively & rest!!“

Franzel added that she is not ready to share the “exact date” of her baby’s scheduled delivery just yet. The mom-to-be explained that there is “something about not sharing everything immediately” that keeps her feeling a little more “secure & safe.”

“Everything is great so far & I don’t want to jinx it,” Franzel added. “I know it’s all part of God’s plan.  All I pray for is a healthy baby & for me to make it out healthy too. I’m not taking anything for granted.”

Franzel Received Support From Other Reality TV Moms

In the comments section of her post, Franzel received messages of support from fans and celebrity friends, including several other reality TV moms.

“Such an exciting time in your life!” wrote former “Bachelorette” star Ali Fedotowsky. “Enjoy this time before your little one is born. And get ready for the single most magical moment of your life to happen! There is nothing more powerful in this world than seeing your first baby for the first time.”

“You got this mama!” added “Bachelor in Paradise” star Jade Roper.

“This is beautiful,” chimed in “Chrisley Knows Best” star Lindsie Chrisley.

Other followers assured Franzel that a c-section is not scary and that it is a short surgery. Some moms gave her tips for recovery, such as using a pillow to support her stomach and take pain medications proactively. Other fans offered her suggestions for trying to flip her baby so she can bypass a c-section. Several fans told Franzel to find a chiropractor who uses the Webster method to get babies to flip.

Franzel Previously Revealed That She Was Trying to Avoid a C-Section

This is not the first time Franzel has revealed that her baby is in the breech position. In a video shared to her “The Coco Show” YouTube channel, Franzel’s 35-week update included the news that her baby boy was breech and that her amniotic fluid was low.

“Since 31 weeks I’ve been trying to get him to flip,” she said at the time. “I go to an amazing chiropractor who specializes in babies and maternity. She’s 85 percent accurate on flipping babies, so I’ve been doing a lot of things secretly to try to get him to flip.”

While her 37-week update came a day after she told her Instagram followers that her belly shape felt “different” and that she thought maybe her son was now in a horizontal position,  Franzel clearly found out differently at her ultrasound appointment. With a c-section now scheduled, the “Big Brother” star seems to have made peace with her delivery scenario.

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