Why Nicole Franzel Is Thanking Her Haters

Nicole Franzel

CBS Nicole Franzel on 'Big Brother.'

Nicole Franzel has been on “Big Brother” three times and even won the show once, but she’s still not widely respected by the “Big Brother” fan base.

When Derek Xiao was on the block during “Big Brother 23,” he hinted that someone was playing a “Nicole F. game,” comparing Head of Household Sarah Beth Steagall’s under-the-radar gameplay to Franzel’s. During the course of her appearances on the show, Franzel has been criticized for using showmances for safety, crying excessively, and being disloyal to women on the show. There are also fans who dislike any “Big Brother” alum who uses their visibility from the show to become a social media influencer, as Franzel has.

But whatever her haters have to say, Franzel says she’s grateful for them. In an Instagram post that shows a photo slideshow of some of Franzel’s best moments since she was on “Big Brother” last fall (her wedding with Victor Arroyo, the birth of their son), she wrote a message to her haters in the caption.

“Haters—thanks for crashing my world. You helped me find my purpose, find genuine happiness & be scary confident. Definitely not what you were hoping for,” she wrote.

Franzel Didn’t Watch ‘Big Brother’ This Year

When Franzel was first introduced to American audiences on “Big Brother 16” in 2014, she was a superfan of the show. But in an Instagram Q & A, she revealed that she didn’t watch the show at all this season.

When a fan asked Franzel if she had been asked to do any interviews about this season, Franzel responded, “I declined anything related to big brother this past season – I didn’t watch it so it wouldn’t make sense to have an opinion on a season I haven’t seen!”

It’s easy to read into this and assume that Franzel wants nothing to do with the “Big Brother” franchise anymore, but she was a little busy with a newborn baby this summer and fall. Her son Victor “Arrow” Arroyo was born on July 23.

When another fan asked Franzel if she still had hard feelings towards the show, she assured them that wasn’t the case. “BB has given me more things than I could have ever imagined. I’m so thankful. 🤗 I love love love the producers. BB gave me my husband, baby, and a career,” she wrote.

In the same Instagram post where Franzel thanked her haters, she also thanked her supporters.

“Supporters—THANK YOU. Thank you for being there for me when my world was crashing down. 🙏🏼 I am eternally grateful to be surrounded on here by the BEST & I truly mean BEST group of women. I’ve never seen a more encouraging, kind, loyal group & we are severely underestimated but that’s our superpower tbh. 💘 if people throw rocks at us, we throw them a smile,” Franzel wrote.

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ is Airing Soon

“Big Brother” junkies won’t have to wait until summer for more of the show. A “Celebrity Big Brother” season is coming in winter 2022 for the first time since 2019.

The cast list has yet to be announced.

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