Nicole Franzel Gives Surprising Pregnancy Update

Nicole Franzel

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Nicole Franzel opened up about a secret she has been holding about her pregnancy. The “Big Brother ” veteran, who is expecting her first child with her husband, fellow franchise alum Victor Arroyo, in July 2021, shared an update on her “The Coco Show” YouTube channel as she hit the 35-week mark in her pregnancy.

Franzel wore a gray tee with the word “Mama” printed on it as she showed off her 35-week bump before diving into her latest pregnancy updates.

Here’s what she told fans:

Franzel Revealed That She Has Been Keeping Something From Her Followers

Pregnancy Diaries 35 Weeks!I got my amniotic fluid from low to normal!! Also working on trying to have baby flip since we just found out at 31 weeks he is breech! Check out my methods! Stay tuned & share your advice! #breech #pregnancy #updates #thirdtrimester #baby #babyboy #amnioticfluid #showmance #couple #nicolefranzel #victorarroyo #arrowarroyo2021-06-23T21:02:41Z

Ever since announcing her pregnancy in January 2021, Franzel has been keeping her fans in the loop with Instagram stories, posts and YouTube videos. But in her new update, the “Big Brother 18” champ revealed that she has been holding something back.

In a 4-minute video update, Franzel revealed that she hadn’t “seen” her baby via ultrasound since she was 19-weeks pregnant. She added that at her 31-week checkup, she had an ultrasound and found out she had low amniotic fluid and that her baby is breech.

“And he is still breech [at 35 weeks],” Franzel added. “So since 31 weeks I’ve been trying to get him to flip.  I go to an amazing chiropractor who specializes in babies and maternity. She’s 85 percent accurate on flipping babies, so I’ve been doing a lot of things secretly to try to get him to flip.”

Franzel appeared concerned as she explained that she did not share this update with her fans right away because “at first when you hear something you’re not prepared for it just takes a while for it to soak in, especially for me.”

“His head is right here in my ribs,” she said of her baby, later in the video. “He’s just not in a great spot. And I feel really bad for him.”

She explained that her doctor suggested that her pelvis may be shaped like an oval instead of a circle and that the breech position may be more comfortable for her baby. Franzel added that the situation “stinks” because as of now she has to have a c-section.

“I’m staying really positive, really optimistic that he can flip,” she said. “Babies flip at the last minute. I really want a chance to deliver naturally and don’t want a scheduled c-section.”

Franzel Was Able to Correct One of Her Pregnancy Issues

Franzel did share some good news. After taking her chiropractor’s advice to “drink a ton of coconut water” and regular water, she has been able to increase her amniotic fluid. She revealed that after drinking plenty of extra water for two weeks, her amniotic fluid level has nearly doubled.

“So there’s plenty of room for baby to move,” she said.

In a recent Instagram post, Franzel also teased she is “super hydrated,” adding that it’s great for her baby and her amniotic fluid.

With the amniotic fluid issue resolved, the mom-to-be is focusing on getting her son to flip before his due date.  Franzel revealed in her video that she has been using an inversion table, and has been doing somersaults in the pool, using ice packs and peppermint oil.

Franzel recently revealed on Instagram that she is only allowed to have one person in the delivery room when she gives birth. While she was hoping to have both a doula and her mom in the room with her, she will only be permitted to have Arroyo by her side during delivery.

Franzel’s 35-week pregnancy update came just a few days after she and her husband announced that they will name their baby Victor Arroyo IV and give him the nickname “Arrow.”

She also recently shared photos from a carnival-themed baby shower that was thrown for her by her family and friends.

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