‘Big Brother’ All-Star Nicole Franzel Gives an Update on Her Pregnancy

Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo baby

Youtube "Big Brother" alums Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo are expecting their first child in July.

Big Brother” alum Nicole Franzel shared some updates about her pregnancy in a video shared to Instagram on May 27.

The Michigan native is expecting her first child with her husband and fellow “Big Brother” alum, Victor Arroyo. In the Instagram video, Franzel shared that she is now 31 weeks pregnant. She said she is, “feeling really good, feeling glowy” and showed off her baby bump in a sparkly wrap dress. She also joked that pregnancy has her “out of breath all the time” and told fans she’d be answering questions left in the comments all day long.

One fan asked Franzel how many kids she wants. “I would say 2-4,” Franzel responded. “I’ll let you know after this delivery,” she joked.” The reality star also quipped about pregnancy increasing her breast size when a fan asked, “when did your chest start to fill in?” Franzel responded, “immediately because I was so small chested.”

Franzel Says the Baby’s Name Will Be Shared Soon

Franzel and Arroyo have yet to publicly announce the name of their baby boy. In March, Franzel shared a gender reveal video on Instagram of her and Arroyo flinging blue frosting at each other, smilingly. When a fan asked if they have decided on a name yet, Franzel replied, “yes we did! We will be sharing soon!” She told another commenter that the name they picked “feels right!” and that they will share the name in a couple of weeks once the nursery is ready.

Other commenters had more specific questions about the pregnancy itself, including inquiring whether Franzel passed her glucose test to check for gestational diabetes (with a score of 88, Franzel passed) and asking if Arroyo had felt the baby kick yet. “Yes Vic has felt him kick!! I swear he stops kicking when I tell Vic to come feel though,” Franzel commented.

As for whether Franzel is fearing the delivery process, the answer is yes. One commenter asked if the “Big Brother” all-star’s background as a nurse makes her feel more prepared for labor. “No lol, if anything it scares me much more,” admitted Franzel.

Baby Arroyo is Due July 28

Franzel and Arroyo’s son will join the ranks of some other babies born of “Big Brother” unions. This includes BB19’s Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson’s two children and “Brenchel”‘s two kids who are soon to join their parents on a family reality show.

In a May 27 episode of Franzel and Arroyo’s podcast “Coco Caliente,” the newly married couple had doula Elizabeth Joy and her husband Vito as guests. The experience got the parents-to-be thinking about their birthing plan. “I do want a doula, I really do, and I’m gonna look into it,” Franzel told Arroyo at the end of the episode.

Franzel and Arroyo will also be guests in an upcoming episode of Elizabeth Joy’s podcast “Miraculous Mamas.” They recorded the episode right after recoding with Joy for “Coco Caliente.”

On her most recent Instagram post, Franzel told one fan in the comments, “I’ve waited to be a mom for sooooo long. I’m ready for it all!” She also shared that what she’s most excited about is “cuddles!!!”

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