Nicole Franzel Reveals the Origin of Baby’s Unique Nickname

Nicole Franzel Victor Arroyo wedding

Youtube Big Brother alums Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo are expecting their first child in July.

Big Brother” alums Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo have been keeping fans in the loop throughout Franzel’s pregnancy journey. The couple’s first child is due in July.

Franzel revealed their chosen baby name, Victor Arroyo IV, as well as the nickname Arrow in a recent Instagram post. Franzel wrote in the caption that she really wanted their baby to have a nickname that was unique to him.

“I don’t want people to call him baby Vic/little Vic his whole life. I know people who are like 60 years old and they’re still ‘little Johhny’ & they don’t like it,” she wrote. The “Big Brother” all-star also explained that she herself loves having a nickname.

“My closest people call me Coco & I love it. It stuck and I’ve had it since I was a baby so that’s what I’m hoping Arrow feels too,” she said.

Where Did Franzel & Arroyo Get the Name ‘Arrow’?

As it turns out, the name Arrow was a happy accident. Or rather, a happy typo. In her Instagram post announcing the baby name, she thanked a fan of her podcast “Coco Caliente” for accidentally typing their last name as “Arrow” rather than “Arroyo.”

“You are the reason we found this name!!,” she wrote. A fan came forward in the comments to claim the mistake as their own. “Holy moley…THAT WAS ME!! Well technically it was my autocorrect…but YOU’RE SO WELCOME,” the fan wrote.

Baby Arrow Is Currently Breech

Franzel has been open about sharing Instagram updates on the status of her pregnancy. In a pregnancy diaries video, she revealed that baby Arrow is currently breech, meaning in a feet-first position rather than head-first.

“As of now, I have to get a C-section but I’m staying really positive, really optimistic that he can flip and he will flip. Babies flip at the last minute, I really want a chance to deliver naturally,” Franzel said in the video.

After sharing the video, baby Arrow was still breech several days later but Franzel reported she’s feeling better about it after an outpouring of support. “I feel so much more comfortable about it after you all shared you stories with me on my last video,” Franzel wrote in another Instagram post.

The mom-to-be is also dealing with cholestasis, a late-stage pregnancy liver condition that causes itching. According to Franzel’s Instagram, her itching symptoms have improved. “Sharing helps so much. I wouldn’t have known anything about cholestasis if it wasn’t for you,” she told her Instagram followers.

Franzel Recently Celebrated Her Seventh BB Anniversary

Franzel entered the “Big Brother” house for the first time back in 2014. In a recent Instagram post, she commemorated her seven-year reality TV anniversary and owned her status as an all-star player.

“I don’t give myself credit, nor do I EVER acknowledge how much I’ve accomplished on that show. I shrink myself for the comfort of others (A big reason why I’m at good at Big Brother – I know how to not pose as a threat),” she wrote.

Franzel also spoke to the idea that some in the “Big Brother” community don’t think she was deserving of the win. “You can do the exact same thing at the same time as someone else – one will be praised and one will be ridiculed. I’ve been on both sides. Also, your success can make others very ugly. But that’s on them, not you,” she wrote.

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