Nicole Franzel Welcomes Baby Boy With Victor Arroyo

Victor Arroyo and Nicole Franzel

Instagram Victor Arroyo and Nicole Franzel of Big Brother

Nicole Franzel is a mom!

The 29-year-old three-time “Big Brother” player welcomed her first child with fellow franchise alum Victor Arroyo on Friday, July 23. The baby boy is named Victor “Arrow” Arroyo IV.

Franzel, who was the winner of the 18th season of the CBS reality show, married Arroyo in March 2021.

On Friday morning, Franzel teased her baby’s impending birth by posting a photo to Instagram stories from the hospital. The photo featured a vase full of flowers with two baby blue balloons and a card. She also shared a snap of her husband dressed in hospital scrubs as he gave a thumbs up.

An update was later posted on Franzel’s Instagram page to confirm the baby’s birth.  Baby Arrow weighed 6 pounds, 15 ounces and measured 20 inches long. In the photo shared on Instagram, the newborn and his mama had their fingers intertwined.

On Saturday, the ‘Big Brother” couple introduced their son to the world with a sweet video from the hospital window. In the clip, baby Arrow was dressed in a lion suit as Arroyo held him up and waved to family outside.

Franzel Previously Revealed That Her Baby Was in the Breech Position & She Would Undergo a Scheduled C-Section

Franzel regularly updated fans throughout her pregnancy.  Near the end of her pregnancy, she shared an update on her Instagram page to reveal that her baby was breech and that she had a scheduled c-section delivery.

“Arrow is still breech & I’m now officially scheduled for a c-section which is terrifying to me,” Franzel wrote in her 37-week update. “Having a countdown is stressful for some reason, I would rather not know when I’m going to give birth.”

Franzel, who had been going to a chiropractor and trying other techniques in an attempt to “flip” her baby, expressed concern over her impending c-section.

“I’ve never had a surgery in my life,” she told fans, before adding that while she was thankful for a safe delivery option. She also revealed that she didn’t want to share the “exact date” of her baby’s scheduled delivery because there was “something about not sharing everything immediately” that kept her feeling a little more “secure & safe.”

“All I pray for is a healthy baby & for me to make it out healthy too,” she added. “I’m not taking anything for granted.”

Franzel & Arroyo Explained the Meaning Behind Their Son’s Unique Name

In June 2021, Franzel and Arroyo revealed their baby boy’s name. The couple decided to keep with family tradition for their son’s formal name but also wanted a cute nickname so he won’t have to be known as a Vic Jr. his whole life. They came up with the name “Arrow” after they noticed that a fan made a typo in Arroyo’s last name in a social media post and it autocorrected to the word “arrow.”

“Victor wants to continue his family tradition since he is Victor Arroyo III,” Franzel told Us Weekly of the formal name they chose for their son. “The nickname is something everyone can call him by so he’s not ‘little Vic [or] baby Vic’ his whole life. I’m hoping Arrow sticks like Coco stuck for me! All my closest people in my life call me Coco and I love it.”

“We also know no one by that name {Arrow] which is another plus,” Franzel added.

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