Nicole Franzel Reveals She Had COVID-19 Symptoms for a Month

Nicole Franzel

CBS Nicole Franzel on "Big Brother 22."

Big Brother 18″ winner Nicole Franzel took to her Instagram story on November 15 to open up about her family’s experience with COVID-19.

Although Nicole had previously mentioned feeling sick on social media, it was the first time she revealed that she and her husband and fellow “Big Brother” alum Victor Arroyo had tested positive for COVID-19. She also shared that they’d been feeling sick for the last month and so have both of her parents.

Nicole said that she is starting to feel better but Victor is “10x” sicker than she is. She hasn’t even been allowing him to hold their infant son, Victor “Arrow” Arroyo. Baby Arrow, who was born on July 23, has stayed healthy despite his parents battling COVID-19.

Nicole & Victor Have Had to Sleep With a Barrier Between Them


Franzel shared a diagram in her Instagram story, showing how she and Victor have been sleeping apart to keep baby Arrow safe. The diagram shows that Victor sleeps on one side of a wall of pillows in their king-size bed. On the other side, Nicole sleeps with baby Arrow and the couple’s two dogs, Paris and Beyonce.

“Literally hanging off the bed but I don’t want to disrupt my 3 babies so I lay there wide awake,” Nicole wrote on the diagram. “Also don’t mom shame me with holding Arrow on the bed,” she wrote, adding that there is a bassinet next to the bed for when Arrow is done nursing.

Nicole shared an Instagram photo to express her gratitude for feeling healthy again, despite the fact that Victor was still sick. “Hoping we are all healthy by Thanksgiving 🙏🏼,” she wrote in the caption. She also added a note about how she wants to spend less time on her phone and more with her family.

“Working towards truly not getting caught up in the things that don’t matter. I will never regret spending time with my family but I will regret spending time on my phone. Going to read more too. Ordered some books & a night light. Also going to wear my clothes lots more and buy less. And wear even less makeup,” the new mom wrote.

Nicole & Victor Just Bought Their First House

When Nicole won “Big Brother 18” in 2016, she took home the coveted $500,000 prize. Now, as she joked in a recent Instagram post, Nicole has “finally found something to spend my moldy BB money on 😂.” It’s a new house! The Instagram photo shows Nicole, Victor, and baby Arrow smiling outside their future home.

The house is on 10 acres of land and, as Nicole showed in another Instagram post, also has a picturesque pond in the front yard.

“The previous owners are the SWEETEST!!!!! Seriously so kind & we are so grateful they chose us to have this beautiful home,” Nicole shared on Instagram. “The house is definitely move in ready and doesn’t need a thing but I will be adding some Coco spice to it!! Follow along as I add some pops of color & then decorate/furnish from scratch on my stories! I’ll be showing the master bedroom tomorrow morning! (First room being painted)! Then we will furnish that room and on to the next!! Thank you all so much for helping this dream come true! XOXO.”

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