Nicole Franzel’s Husband Reveals Timeline For Next Baby

Victor Arroyo Nicole Franzel

Instagram Victor Arroyo and Nicole Franzel of Big Brother.

Nicole Franzel and her husband Victor Arroyo may already be ready for more kids.

The “Big Brother” couple — who met on the 18th season of the CBS reality competition in 2016 and married earlier this year —  welcomed their first child, a baby boy named Victor “Arrow” Arroyo IV, in late July 2021. But their second child could soon be in the making.

Here’s what Arroyo and Franzel said about expanding their family:

Victor Arroyo Said He & Nicole Franzel Want ‘Back-to-Back’ Babies

According to Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Arroyo recently told fans on his Instagram Story that he and Franzel were planning to try for a second child shortly after baby Arrow’s birth.

“We want them back-to-back,” Arroyo revealed. “Hopefully, by the end, we have four little rugrats, but we’ll see.”

Arroyo tagged his wife in the post, but she did not comment. But in her own fan Q&A  before Arrow’s birth, Franzel told a follower she would like “2 to 4 kids.”

“I’ll let you know after this delivery,” she said at the time, as previously reported by Heavy.

Nicole Franzel Is In Total Mom Mode With Her Newborn

Franzel may not have time to think about a second baby just yet. The “three-time “Big Brother” player recently posted to Instagram to reveal her postpartum “confessions” and admit that she loves nothing more than snuggling with her 1-month-old baby boy.

Franzel posed in a black dress  as she held little Arrow in the pic and noted that she was going to wear the outfit to a wedding but decided against it at the last minute because it was “was itchy and it didn’t fully zip.” The breastfeeding mom also noted that at the wedding, she drank a half of a Coors Light beer and that it was her first sip of alcohol in 11 months.

“I’m currently holding Arrow & it’s way more fun than any party/event could ever be!” Franzel wrote once she was home. “I’m worried I’m too content and will never want to leave the house and just hang with my little babe until he’s too cool for me.”

The wedding may have been a rare time that Franzel separated from her son. The new mom did have to go back to the hospital after her cesarean section delivery due to bleeding, but other than that, she has been inseparable from her son, according to People. In a recent Instagram story, the “Big Brother 18” champ told fans that Arrow is “doing really, really, really, really good” – especially when he’s in his parents’ arms.

“He just loves his mommy and daddy and wants to be held by them, and so if we want to put him down for a second, he doesn’t like it,” she revealed.

Franzel and Arroyo are one of several “Big Brother” couples who went on to get married and have kids together. Jordan Lloyd and Jeff Schroeder, Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas, Dani Donato and Dominic Briones, and Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson have all produced ‘Big Brother” babies, per Insider.

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