‘Big Brother’ Star Gives Wedding & Baby Update

Nicole Franzel on Big Brother 22

CBS Nicole Franzel on Big Brother 22

Big Brother alum Nicole Franzel gave fans an update on her wedding and her pregnancy.

The reality star, who previously announced she is expecting her first baby with her fiancé Victor Arroyo in July,  shared a vlog to Instagram with the latest updates on how her pregnancy is going, and she teased a special event that will take place when she travels to Florida for her wedding.

Nicole Franzel Revealed She is 16 Weeks Pregnant & Will Soon Find Out Her Baby’s Gender

In a video shared on her social media page, Franzel wore a heart-covered blouse and denim overalls as she gave fans an update on how she is feeling at 16 weeks pregnant. The CBS reality star dished that she is having a “fantastic” pregnancy so far and added, “I like being pregnant.”

Nicole admitted that one of the things she likes is having an excuse “not to drink” with her friends. She also revealed that she is tired and does take naps while she can.

“I have really bad lower back pain,” she added.

She is also craving fast food but tries hard to eat yogurt, apples, and other healthy foods.

Franzel also shared a glimpse at her latest ultrasound and said her baby is all over the place. The Big Brother 18 winner joked that she will have a “wild child.”

While Franzel and Arroyo still do not know the gender of their baby, they expect to find out at their next ultrasound appointment in early March. Franzel revealed that she has not been able to figure out the “myth” of the baby’s gender based on fetal heart rate because her baby’s heartbeat  is “right in the middle.”

Once the baby’s gender is determined at an upcoming anatomy ultrasound, the results will be hidden away.

“We’re putting that gender into an envelope and giving it to one of my friends, one of my bridesmaids, Nicole, ” Franzel revealed. “And she’s going to lock that thing up and she’s going to throw us a gender reveal down in Florida.”

Nicole Franzel & Victor Arroyo Changed Their Wedding Date 3 Times

Franzel and Arroyo had originally planned a December 2020 destination wedding to Turks and Caicos,  which was a hot topic when the bride-to-be competed on Big Brother: All-Stars last summer.

But in November, the couple told Us Weekly they postponed their nuptials to May 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Once they found out they were expecting a baby, they moved up their wedding date to March—in Florida.

During an episode of the Coco Caliente podcast, the 28-year-old expectant mom explained the change in plans.

“I know a lot of people were commenting on our photos about our wedding so just, like, a little tidbit about that as we are not going to wait until after the baby,” Franzel said. “We are going to do it in March, in Florida, in a small wedding.”

Arroyo also chimed in to make it clear that this would be the final change in wedding plans no matter what happens with the pandemic.

“This is set in stone [even] if it’s just me and Nicole at this place getting married. That’s how it’s gonna happen because I’m over it,” Arroyo said.

Franzel also added that the wedding planning seemed “unimportant” once she found out she was pregnant.

In her update video, Franzel revealed that the next time she sees fans she will be Mrs. Arroyo.

Now that their gender reveal will be part of their wedding week, it sounds like everything is coming together for the Big Brother couple after a wild year.

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