Paloma Aguilar Says She Lost Touch With Reality on ‘Big Brother’

Paloma Aguilar

CBS Paloma Aguilar addresses Big Brother 24 controversy on Instagram

Paloma Aguilar is opening up about mental health and her relationship with Taylor Hale in a new Instagram post. The 22-year-old left the “Big Brother” house early due to struggles with her mental health, but she still managed to stir up quite a bit of drama before her departure.

The California native caught some heat during the first week of the season due to her treatment of fellow houseguest Taylor Hale.

Fans and “Big Brother” alums rallied behind Taylor on Twitter, calling out Paloma and other season 24 houseguests for their behavior. Some fans called Paloma a bully, while others suggested her dislike of Taylor stemmed from a racial bias.

The interior designer is now speaking out about the Taylor Hale controversy. She addressed the situation in a lengthy July 26 Instagram post.

Here’s what you need to know.

Paloma Aguilar on ‘Big Brother’ Exit & Taylor Hale

On July 26, Paloma took to Instagram to explain why she left the house and share her thoughts on the Taylor Hale situation.

The Berkeley graduate shared several photos and clips from her time in the “Big Brother” house. The last slide showed a photo of Paloma making a confused face alongside text that read, “my face when I realized I’ve been labeled a racist and vilified after leaving the BB house.”

Paloma defended herself in the caption of the post, suggesting fans saw an edited version of the truth rather than the whole story.

“Nothing but love for this beautiful cast💛 I genuinely have come out of this experience with only good things to say about each individual; aside from any [gameplay] that was talked,” she wrote.

She then went on to talk about cancel culture and the “reality” of reality TV.

“It is such a shame how social media tries to tear a person down through cancel culture because of the way things were being portrayed to fit a narrative for ‘good TV,'” she wrote. “People see it as ‘the ultimate truth of reality’ when in actuality everything is cut to fit the narrative they want, even the live feeds cut from room to room when things are said that can jeopardize the storyline their going with. (studied at Berkeley MediaST10).”

Paloma then addressed her early exit from the game, telling her followers she had to leave to take care of her mental health.

“I left because of an ongoing mental health battle I faced which began once inside the walls of an idealistic utopia of a reality set,” she wrote. “A reality that was far from the reality of my San Diego life. I became so quickly obsessed with the game- I forgot how to take care of myself. FOMO consumed my every move. I would get 2-4 hours of sleep at night – no normal human could function off of (sleeping hours are 10pm-10am but everyone keeps each other up gaming), I did not see the sun for 5 days so I began to loose touch with reality, there’s no windows, and 100 cameras working 24/7 – even when you’re sleeping – ate me alive.”

She continued, “No one understands the psychological challenge of reality television unless you have first hand EXPERIENCED it. Mental health is something I believe I must stand up for with my platform because it is so stigmatized & belittled in a world where the majority of us face something mental health related in secrecy.”

She ended the post by telling fans she plans to speak more about the situation in the future, writing, “I will be addressing more of my time in the house little by little- but I want to thank everyone for their love and support during an extremely hard time.”

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