PHOTOS: ‘Big Brother 24’ Houseguests Turner & Jasmine Get Matching Tattoos

Jasmine & Turner

CBS Jasmine & Turner get matching tattoos

Festie Besties Mathew “Turner” and Jasmine Davis didn’t always see eye-to-eye in the “Big Brother” house. The pair were frequently at odds and didn’t hide the fact that they wanted each other out of the game. On August 24, a “Big Brother” fan account tweeted that Jasmine expressed her unfavorable opinion of Turner during Brochella fest.

“I just don’t want Turner to win this,” she told a few houseguests one day before she was evicted from the house.

The Festie Besties had a lot of funny squabbles throughout the season but their most memorable moment was undoubtedly Muffingate.

Here’s what went down:

Muffingate Explained: What Happened?

Jasmine hobbling around looking for who ate her muffin#bb24 #leftovers #bigbrother #taylor #alliance #monte #turner #kyle #michael #brittany #backdoor #jasmine #veto #hoh #ameerah #Alyssa #Daniel2022-08-05T09:59:21Z


During week four, Jasmine and her Festie Bestie Turner were Have-Nots, which meant they had to eat slop for an entire week.

After the punishment ended, Nicole Layog decided to make the two some homemade muffins to celebrate. Jasmine put aside two muffins for her to enjoy later. Turner decided to have a little fun and helped himself to half of one of Jasmine’s muffins.

Once Jasmine discovered half of her muffin was gone, she went into full detective mode. The Atlanta-based entrepreneur interrogated all the houseguests to find out who the culprit was. She even asked a “Big Brother” producer if they knew anything during a Diary Room segment but they refused to reveal the muffin stealer.

At the September 25 finale, Turner finally came clean about eating Jasmine’s muffin.

Jasmine & Turner Get Matching Muffin Tattoos

Jasmine was not laughing about her missing muffin while in the “Big Brother” house but the Mississippi native has since developed a sense of humor about the ordeal.

Jasmine and Turner commemorated Muffingate with matching tattoos after the finale. A “Big Brother” fan account shared a photo of the half-eaten muffin tattoos on Twitter.

The photo was originally shared on Taylor Hale’s Instagram story.

“Big Brother” fans shared their thoughts on the matching tattoos on Twitter.

“The matching #BB24 tattoos NOBODY saw coming,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Omg not Taylor posting about Jasmine and Turner getting matching tattoos of half-eaten muffins! Love it,” another user tweeted.

“I can’t believe Turner and Jasmine got matching muffin tattoos. That is iconic. #bb24,” a third user added.


“Lol Turner and Jasmine really capitalizing on being frenemies by getting matching tattoos #bb24,” a fourth user tweeted.

Jasmine Dances to Nicki Minaj With Turner’s Girlfriend

Jasmine has also been spending time with Turner’s longtime girlfriend, Megan Belmonte. A Twitter user reposted a video of Jasmine and Megan dancing to the Nicki Minaj song “Super Freaky Girl.”

“A duo I never knew I needed,” the Twitter user wrote.

Fans replied to the post to express their thoughts on the unexpected dynamic duo.

“Omg! This season never stops giving,” one Twitter user wrote.

“OMG! I LOVE this! I actually am starting to like Jasmine,” another user replied.

“Festive Bestie Sistas #BB24,” a third user added.

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