Rachel Reilly Villegas Gave Up Breastfeeding for a Reality Show

Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas

Getty Rachel Reilly Villegas says she gave up breastfeeding her daughter to appear on "The Amazing Race."

Big Brother alum Rachel Reilly Villegas says she gave up breastfeeding her daughter to appear on the reality competition show “The Amazing Race.”

In an interview for Yahoo Life’s parenting blog So Mini Ways, Villegas revealed that in order to compete on the show, contestants needed to get a yellow fever vaccine. “I went in and they were like ‘oh you have to stop nursing,'” Villegas said. “It was super hard. I had to give up breastfeeding to go on that show.”

Villegas’s daughter, Adora, was two at the time. The reality star confessed that the hardest part of being on the show was the time spent away from her children. Contestants on “The Amazing Race” are not allowed to contact their friends or family members, as is also the case with “Big Brother” houseguests. “I would sneak and write letters to them (her children) and I tried to mail them, but of course, in other countries you can’t,” Villegas told So Mini Ways.

Villegas Is Keeping Family Close for Her Next Reality Show

The Villegas family aren’t strangers to reality television. Rachel Reilly met her husband of 8 years, Brendon Villegas, in the “Big Brother” house. The couple also competed on “The Amazing Race” together twice. It’s only fitting that “Brenchel”, the couple name given to Brendon and Rachel when they were a “Big Brother” showmance, creates their own family reality show. And that’s just what they did. “I Love the Brenchels – Moving On” starts filming in June and will air on bspoketv. 

In a May 7 interview with Nicki Swift, Villegas said it was a no-brainer for her to do a family reality show. “I feel like I’m such a sharing kind of person and it’s kind of fun because I’ve shared my journey in little bits, of course, on social media. We all do, right?,” she said.

The “Big Brother” alum even told So Mini Ways that she would “totally be supportive” of her daughter Adora doing reality shows when she’s older. “I’m banking on going on “The Amazing Race” with Adora…we’ve got a few years,” said Villegas.

I Love the Brenchels – Moving On” will follow the Villegas family as they road trip across the U.S. doing community service with guest stars from hit reality shows. Villegas told Nicki Swift that the idea for the show came to her when her doctor husband opted to do a program called The Match, which randomly assigns residency placements anywhere in the country. “During the match process, you don’t even know where you’re ending up,” Villegas said. “We literally just found out where we’re moving.”

Villegas is Encouraging Audience Participation in the Show

The Brenchel matriarch will be asking her audience for help come June. She told Nicki Swift that “I’m going to be going to these different locations and I want to really involve people in each individual community.” Villegas added that if someone is making a difference in any of the communities she visits, “we really want to somehow get them involved with the show.”

Fans who are eager to participate should keep an eye on Villegas’ Instagram page. In an April 15 Instagram post, the reality star wrote, “I’ll be posting lots and asking for lots of suggestions on who’s currently making an impact and how your community is being changed for the better!”. She encouraged her followers to tag charitable organizations and friends who are making a difference in their local community.

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