One ‘Big Brother’ Legend Wants to Play With Their Daughter

Julie Chen has hosted 'Big Brother' since 2000

CBS Julie Chen has hosted 'Big Brother' since 2000

One “Big Brother” legend recently made it known that the ideal way she’d return to the game would be to play with her daughter — let it never be said that Rachel Reilly does anything on a small scale. Keep reading to find out what she said about returning to the game and who would be her first target on a “Big Brother: Legends” season.

Reilly Said She’d Love to Play With Her Daughter

In a recent Instagram Q&A with her followers, Reilly revealed that she thinks “Big Brother” would have herself and/or her husband, Brendon Villegas, back on the show, but she doesn’t have any kind of secret insider knowledge.

“I think that they would have us back for ‘Big Brother,’ but you never know. It’s not like, ‘Hey, I’m on the shortlist’ or something,” said Reilly adding, “Maybe when Adora is old enough to compete with me.”

It’s not that far-fetched — Dick Donato and Daniele Donato Briones are two of the most popular and polarizing houseguests of all time and they’re a father-daughter duo.

The show has also put siblings in the house a couple of times, so if “Big Brother” sticks around long enough, it would not surprise us at all to see Reilly and her daughter compete. Of course, Adora Villegas, Reilly’s first child with Brendon, whom she met on season 12, just turned five back in April 2021, so it will be at least 13 years until the little girl is old enough to appear on “Big Brother” with her mom.

But back during “Big Brother” season 22, fans were already joking about Janelle Pierzina’s daughter Violet and Da’Vonne Rogers’ daughter Kadence teaming up for “Big Brother 40,” so maybe “Big Brother: The Next Generation” will actually be a thing.

Reilly Is ‘There’ For ‘Big Brother: Legends’

Let’s be honest — “Big Brother: All Stars 2” wasn’t really “all-stars.” It had some all-stars and then… there were some other people. A lot of fans were incredibly disappointed with how season 22 went down, so maybe in a year or two, “Big Brother” could try a “Legends” season and get some of the real all-stars back. In that case, Reilly, who won “Big Brother 13,” says she is “there.”

“I. Am. There. Big Brother Legends right here, this one,” said Reilly, pointing to herself. She also said she wants to play with Janelle Pierzina and “we’re going to take out Will first. Don’t tell him I said that.”

Hmm. Reilly and Pierzina versus “Evil” Dr. Will Kirby? That is an enticing match-up indeed, though we don’t think Kirby is ever going to compete on “Big Brother” again, even for a “Legends” season. If he did, though, we would wager Reilly and Pierzina would have a tough time getting him out unless the whole house was against him right out of the gate. And he’d probably still talk his way out of being evicted.

But speaking of Kirby, he may be back on “Big Brother” sooner than a hypothetical “Legends” season — he recently teased that he’s returning for season 23 as the “Big Brother” neighbor. Hopefully, the show will utilize him more than it did during season 22.

“Big Brother” season 23 premieres Wednesday, July 7 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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