‘Big Brother’s’ Rachel Reilly On Dealing With Online Bullying

Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly of 'Big Brother 12'

Getty Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly of 'Big Brother 12'

“Big Brother” winner Rachel Reilly has learned a lot over the years, including the best way to deal with hateful and hurtful people online. Read on to find out what she finally realized about fans versus haters and how she handles the strong reactions she has evoked over the years.

Reilly Said You ‘Can’t Care’ What People Online Are Saying About You

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On a recent episode of the “Popternative” podcast, Reilly revealed that it took her a while to learn to ignore the haters, but that is what you absolutely have to do to keep your sanity.

“I learned after ‘Big Brother 12’ that I had so many people who were haters, but then on ‘Big Brother 13,’ I had so many people that were huge fans. … The same people that hated me on 12 loved me on 13 … I learned then — and I think it was such a valuable lesson for me to learn — that you can’t care about what these people say on the internet. You can’t care about what they say, even to your face,” said Reilly.

She added that it is vitally important that you stay true to yourself.

“You have to be true to you, you have to be confident enough in what you’re putting out there, what you’re doing and if you love it and you’re passionate about it … then you’re going to be fine,” the reality star advised.

She said for her, she has to prioritize her family and shut out the noise because it’s not about what other people think.

“I need to focus on my family and myself. When it comes down to it, that’s what matters,” said Reilly. “I’m putting out what I feel in my heart who I am and at the end of the day, if people don’t like it, they don’t like it. I’m not doing it for them. … You can’t let [criticism] get you down. You have to respond to the positive and always remember that you are amazing and this is your creativity. This isn’t their vision, this is your vision.”

Reilly Now Works in Reality TV Casting

In case you hadn’t heard, Reilly works in casting, specifically for unscripted TV, which she told “Popternative” is something she is incredibly passionate about.

“I’m so passionate about unscripted because it’s the real stories, it’s the real people that we’re getting,” said Reilly.

She acknowledged that there is, of course, production involved, but Reilly truly feels like the more real people are, the more viewers “fall in love with them.”

“When you’re watching unscripted, you’re learning about this extreme example these people are in at this time. This is what they’re going through and the more real a character can be, the more we fall in love with them because we see that human emotion, we see that human, vulnerable part of their personality. We see this amazing, beautiful love story sometimes,” said Reilly.

Reilly famously met her now-husband Brendon Villegas on “Big Brother 12.” They have since gotten married and have two children, Adora, 5, and Adler, six months.

“Sometimes we see people at their worst, but we love it because they’re being humans,” Reilly concluded. “We’re all in this journey experiencing it and I feel like for me, that’s what unscripted TV is.”

“Big Brother” season 23 premieres Wednesday, July 7 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. Reillys new show “I Love the Brenchels — Moving On” premieres on BspokeTV in September.

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