‘Big Brother’ Winner Campaigning For ‘Survivor’

Survivor All-star Host Jeff Probst during the Survivor All-stars Finale at Madison Square Garden

Getty Host Jeff Probst during the Survivor: All-Stars Finale at Madison Square Garden.

A “Big Brother” winner is dead-set on getting cast on “Survivor.” Read on to find out how season 13 winner Rachel Reilly wants to make this happen for herself and who she wants to play the game with, plus an idea she has for a “Survivor” theme.

Reilly Wants to Play ‘Survivor’ With Janelle Pierzina

In two recent Instagram stories, Reilly was asked by several fans if she would ever go on “Survivor” and she said she is 100 percent down to do it — so much so that she wants people to start spamming CBS reality casting director Jesse Tannenbaum’s DMs.

“Let’s start a secret campaign to get Rachel on ‘Survivor.’ We can make a hashtag up and everything. That’s how interested I am in going on ‘Survivor.’ Let’s start flooding Jesse Tannenbaum with IG messages,” said Reilly, adding, “We’re starting that campaign today. We’re all going to flood Jesse Tannenbaum’s inbox and Jeff Probst’s inbox so they understand how important and needed I am in Fiji.”

Reilly Pitched an All-‘Big Brother’ Season of ‘Survivor’

In a separate story, she revealed that she thinks she and Janelle Pierzina should be cast as part of a “Big Brother Legends” season of “Survivor.”

“I think they could do a theme and it would be like instead of ‘Blood vs Water,’ it would be like ‘Big Brother Legends.’ But not versus legends because I wanna play with Janelle, but it would be something like that. Me and Janelle would have to play together, obviously,” said Reilly.

Really, that is not that farfetched for a theme. Reilly and Pierzina have already said they want to play “Survivor” and so have Nicole Franzel, Da’Vonne Rogers, and Danielle Reyes. That’s two winners, a runner-up, and a third-place finisher right there, plus Rogers is a fan-favorite contestant. “Survivor” would probably have no trouble filling out a cast of past “Big Brother” players and we can think of quite a few others we would love to see take on the Jeff Probst-hosted show:

  • Will Kirby, season two
  • Marcellas Reynolds, season three
  • Jason Guy, season three
  • Alison Irwin, season four
  • Jun Song, season four
  • Natalie and Adria Montgomery, season five
  • Diane Henry, season five
  • Kaysar Ridha, season six
  • Beau Beasley, season six
  • James Rhine, season six
  • Chelsia Hart, season nine
  • Libra Thompson, season 10
  • Keesha Smith, season 10
  • Dan Gheesling, season 10
  • Britney Haynes, season 12
  • Lawon Exum, season 13
  • Ian Terry, season 14
  • Derrick Levasseur, season 16
  • James Huling, season 17
  • Christmas Abbott, season 18
  • Alex Ow, season 19
  • Tyler Crispen, season 20
  • Kaycee Clark, season 20
  • Kat Dunn, season 21

That’s 30 people right there and it would probably be an amazing season to watch them try “Survivor.” Hayden Moss and Caleb Reynolds have already crossed over from “Big Brother” to “Survivor” and both of them were at least entertaining to watch on the show. It would be interesting to see which “Big Brother” houseguests could hack it on the very different reality show “Survivor” and which ones would be caught not realizing what they had signed up for.

“Big Brother” season 23 premieres Wednesday, July 7 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. “Survivor” returns to CBS fall 2021.

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