EXCLUSIVE: Rachel Reilly’s ‘Big Brother 23’ Predictions

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Getty Rachel Reilly Villegas gave Heavy her thoughts on this season of"Big Brother."

Rachel Reilly Villegas is a “Big Brother” icon. She’s a comp beast, she’s half of the enduring showmance “Brenchel“, and she took home the $500,000 grand prize as the winner of season thirteen.

Villegas was unafraid to make big moves and speak her mind during her two stints in the “Big Brother” house. In “Big Brother 12”, she uttered one of the most quoted lines in the history of the show, “Floaters, you better grab a life vest.”

The Villegas family (Rachel, Brendon, and their children, Adora and Adler) recently moved from California to Alabama. Heavy had a chance to talk all things “Big Brother 23” with Villegas and get an update on her new reality show.

Villegas Gave Her Predictions for Tonight

Xavier’s nominees Brent and Britini are on the block tonight and Villegas thinks Brent’s eviction is a done deal.

“There’s no way Brent will stay. To be completely honest, why would you keep Brent in the house? He’s probably gonna be a comp beast, he’s probably not gonna work with you,” Villegas said. She added that there’s no motive for getting rid of Britini right now. “The poor girl is losing her mind and she’s also gonna be the pawn of the season, so why would you get rid of her?”

Brent thinks he has the votes to stay this week, but as anyone watching the live feeds knows, he’s in for a classic “Big Brother” blindside.

A new Head of Household will be crowned tonight and Villegas shared her thoughts on who might shake up the game a bit if they won. “I think if Whitney won, the game would be crazy, because no one would know what she’s gonna do. But I also think she would do something safe or boring,” the “Big Brother” winner said.

There has been a lot of talk in the house about targeting members of the Kings this week, particularly Alyssa or Christian. Villegas thinks Alyssa or Christian winning HOH could make for a very interesting week. “If Christian wins, he’s gonna have to pick sides and he’s not gonna be able to just do an easy move,” she told Heavy

Who Would Villegas Target This Season?

If Villegas were in the “Big Brother” house this summer, she would target Xavier, the lawyer pretending to be a bartender.

“Brendon made a comment like, ‘the first question I would ask that guy is how do you make a kamikaze’ or something to test if he’s really a bartender. But none of these people have asked him about making drinks,” Villegas said. 

The mother of two is loving “Big Brother 23” so far. “The feeds this season have been really good. With the messiness of Frenchie, and the Alyssa and Christian kiss, the feeds are juicy this year,” Villegas said. She also told Heavy, “it’s really hard not to love this cast.” Her favorites are Hannah, Alyssa, Derek X, and especially Tiffany.

I am all about that girl (Tiffany). She’s amazing, she’s playing the game all the time, she’s best friends with everyone. She’s really smart, I wonder if her being too smart is gonna do her damage in the end,” Villegas said. She added that Tiffany reminds her a little bit of Danielle Reyes, often called the greatest player to never win “Big Brother.” 

Villegas Gave Her Thoughts on the BB23 Alliances

The Royal Flush alliance seems strong on the surface but some of its members (Kyland, Tiffany, and Xavier) are also part of another alliance, The Cookout. “I think the Royal Flush is too big to stay together. Sure they’re in power, sure they’re running the game, but we all know alliances with like seven people don’t work,” Villegas told Heavy.

As for The Cookout, Villegas thinks they have the potential to stay together longer, but things could get messy when they eventually have to turn on each other. “I think Derek F. will be the one to spice it up a little. And Tiffany’s so good at the game…if she’s in danger, she’s there to play. I don’t think she would put them ahead of herself,” Villegas said.

Is Villegas Rooting for This Season’s Showmances?

Xavier caught Alyssa and Christian kissing…in his HOH bed no less. As someone who married a man she met on “Big Brother”, Villegas is an expert on showmances. Does she think Alyssa and Christian will last?

I think together they can keep each other safe as long as they trust each other. I could also see them stepping back because they don’t want to be in a showmance and ruin their own games. But they’re gonna have a hard time with that, they’re already kissing,” Villegas told Heavy.

Alyssa seems to have her eye on Hannah for a potential target. Hannah and Derek X. aren’t exactly a showmance, but they have been flirting. Villegas says she could see the two showmances going after each other.

I always want the showmances to work together because on season 13 we did and it worked so well,” she said. She thinks the house will target Christian before Alyssa, which in her opinion might be a mistake.

As we saw, when Brendon left I was able to win a bunch more stuff and stay in the house. Same with Jordan, when Jeff left, Jordan won the whole game,” Villegas said referring to Jordan Lloyd, the winner of season eleven. “I think people underestimate the female of the showmance.”

The Scoop on Brenchel’s New Reality Show

When Villegas and her husband found out they were moving across the country for Brendon’s residency, they decided to take the opportunity to create their very own reality show. Premiering this fall on bspoketv, “I Love the Brenchels – Moving On” follows the Villegas family on a cross-country road trip with some very exciting stops along the way.

For every stop, the Villegas family teamed up with a local charitable organization to showcase how people across America are making a difference in their communities. They visited a horseback riding facility in Tuscon that works with special needs children, packed bags of essentials for families in need in El Paso, and stopped at a wildlife organization in Baton Rouge.

Villegas says the experience was particularly incredible for her five-year-old daughter, Adora. “She learned a lot and loved every minute of it.” 

Tune in for tonight’s live eviction episode of “Big Brother” at 8 PM EST on CBS and Paramount Plus.

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