Big Brother’s Rachel Reilly Villegas Announces New Reality Show

Rachel Reilly Villegas

Getty Big Brother Alum Rachel Reilly Villegas has announced a new reality TV show with her family.

Big Brother fan-favorite Rachel Reilly Villegas is dipping her toes into the world of reality television again, this time with her own show. The former Amazing Race contestant and BB houseguest will soon be road tripping across the country with her family in tow and America watching.

The new reality show, which will air on bspoketv, is called I Love the Brenchels – Moving OnThe title references Reilly Villegas and her husband Brendon’s showmance couple name, Brenchel. The married couple met as contestants on Big Brother 12 and also competed in Big Brother 13 and The Amazing Race together. “I don’t think we could have imagined how much a TV show would change our lives! And all the amazing experiences and adventures we’ve had along the way,” Reilly Villegas wrote in an Instagram post dedicated to her husband.

“Brenchel” are now the proud parents of two children, Adora and Adler. The family welcomed their second child and first son in November 2020. “This guy has filled our hearts and home with so much joy,” said Reilly Villegas. I Love the Brenchels – Moving On will center on the family’s travels across the U.S. as they give back to local communities with the help of some familiar reality TV faces. “We’re going to work with different reality stars in every location but instead of just doing an interview, we wanted to bring in the community service organization,” Reilly Villegas told, explaining her plans to work with local charitable organizations.

Which Reality Stars Might Make an Appearance?

Rachel Reilly Villegas feels that reality TV stars have an opportunity to use their platforms to create positive change. She says the community service aspect of the show will be “organic and fun.” Has Reilly Villegas offered any clues as to which other stars might be featured on I Love the Brenchels? Big Brother fans can certainly infer who won’t be on the show. In a recent interview with, Reilly Villegas alluded to bad blood between her and fellow BB alum, Nicole Franzel. She didn’t name names though, simply stating “I’ll just say it goes back to Amazing Race.”

When Reilly Villegas was a competitor on The Amazing Race with her sister, she felt that BB All-Star Franzel and her teammate/husband Victor Arroyo betrayed her team’s trust. The two women have still never cleared the air, although Reilly Villegas says she wishes Franzel all the best. She recently spoke about Franzel and Arroyo expecting their first child, saying “I think being a mom changes everyone and you learn so many lessons and I’m saying this honestly, because I know from being a mom you grow as a person. And so I really do hope that they grow as people and I wish them the best. I honestly do.”

Franzel and Arroyo have a podcast, Coco Caliente, where they dish on married life and chat with other reality TV stars. Franzel addressed the feud with Reilly Villegas in a recent episode. She claimed that the Reilly sisters acted like they were closer to her than they actually were, making her actions seem like a betrayal rather than gameplay. “People don’t know this. We weren’t friends before the show,” said Franzel. “And liking someone’s Instagram photos – she would like mine, I would like hers – I don’t owe you anything for that.”

The Show Will Feature Another Reilly Family Member

Aside from Rachel, Brendon, their two kids, the family dog, and a revolving door of reality stars, I Love the Brenchels – Moving On will feature another person dear to Reilly Villegas’ heart…her mom! Reilly Villegas believes that Brendon traveling with his mother-in-law adds a whole other layer to the show. “It’s going to be a really crazy adventure,” she says.

Life for Brenchel has changed since their time in the Big Brother house. In addition to starting their family, Brendon Villegas is now a biomedical physicist going into a residency program. “You know, Big Brother was 10 years ago. So at this point, I am a mom. I have a real job, you know Brendon has a real job,” said Reilly Villegas. “We’re just normal people that really are excited to just share content.”

I Love the Brenchels – Moving On will begin filming in summer 2021 and premiere sometime in the fall. Fans will also be able to follow the Villegas family’s travels on social media.

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