Our Dream Cast for a ‘Big Brother’ Redemption Season

Julie Chen Moonves has hosted Big Brother since its inception in the summer of 2000.

CBS Julie Chen Moonves has hosted Big Brother since its inception in the summer of 2000.

Fessy Shafaat recently indicated he’d be interested in playing Big Brother again if it was a “redemption season.” Survivor has had a lot of success with seasons where it brought back players who were pretty strong but were ousted fairly early on in their original season, usually due to circumstances beyond their control.

It got us thinking… who would be the top candidates for a redemption season of Big Brother? Here are our top choices — the only thing we’re torn on is if someone should have to have been evicted pre-jury in order to qualify. We don’t think so in every case, but generally, that’s the rule.

Shannon Dragoo, Season 2

#1 – Shannon & The ToothbrushBig Brother Top 20 Favorite Memories You voted and it's time to reveal the #1 spot on the Top 20 favorite BB Memories! Shannon and her "cleaning" skills have taken top spot! anetworklive.com2007-07-20T23:46:24Z

Dragoo was evicted in 9th place and was most famous for sort of being part of the Chilltown alliance with Dr. Will Kirby and Mike “Boogie” Malin. She also brushed the toilet with Hardy Ames-Hill’s toothbrush. She probably would not come back on the show, but she’d be a great old-school choice for a redemption season.

Dana Varela, Season 4

Big Brother 4 (BB4) Jury House segmentsThought it would be something interesting to post, regarding the dynamics of the jury house of each season change and shift, as the jury members expand. Doesn't include much of the Final Jury Deliberation.2018-08-31T20:30:53Z

This houseguest also went out in 9th place. She was considered for “All-Stars” in 2006 but ultimately was not chosen.

Will Wikle, Season 5

Big Brother Top 20 – Will Wiklebigbrotherloop.com Will Wikle from Big Brother 5 was named the 5th Favorite Houseguests on this pre-All Stars Top 20 list.2009-09-27T22:03:02Z

We remember Will being fun, charismatic, and hilarious, so he definitely deserves another chance after going out in ninth place.

Eric ‘Cappy’ Littmann, Season 6

#19 – Eric vs Michael BB6Big Brother Top 20 Favorite Memories At #19 we have the biggest fight yet in the BB house with Eric and Michael of BB6. anetworklive.com2007-07-05T14:03:44Z

This one might be controversial, but Cappy went out in 12th place and was a fiery houseguest, so he’d make a great potential villain for a redemption season.

Joe Barber II, Season 8

BB8 – Joe's Gonorrhea MonologueBig Brother 8, right before the enemies are identified.2007-07-09T02:55:06Z

We remember this houseguest being a hoot in the short time he was in the game. He was evicted in 13th place, so we barely even got to see him play.

Parker Somerville, Season 9

BB9-2-18: Parker asks Jen if Ryan is RacistVisit realitytvlounge.com for Reality TV news and updates2008-02-18T23:37:12Z

This season everyone was forced to play in partners and Parker and Jen DiTurno got targeted early on. Then Jen got to return to the game after someone quit, but Parker was left out in the cold.

Brian Hart and Angie Swindell, Season 10

BB10-07/14: Angie, Steven, and Brian laugh at JerryVisit realitytvlounge.com for Reality TV news and updates2008-07-15T06:35:04Z

These two were a really fun alliance in the early weeks of season 10, but they, unfortunately, got targeted and evicted very quickly. We would love to see them back in the house, they were hilarious.

Laura Crosby, Season 11

Big Brother 11: LauraBig Brother week 2 Evictee, Laura. I was rooting for Laura and Michele to win. :x I was sad to see Laura to leave so early. btw, this is my first time creating a video.2009-07-30T01:57:57Z

This girl had the potential to be a fun houseguest — outgoing, vivacious, with the ability to go far in the game, but Ronnie Talbott took her out very early.

Annie Whittington, Season 12

Annie from Big Brother 12 talks to the PopTalk Webshow @VegasBash 2010Kevin Campbell and Laura Crosby interview Annie from Big Brother 12 at the Vegas Bash 2010 Wrap Party. The full interview is on poptalkwebshow.com TELL YOUR FRIENDS TO WATCH!!2010-09-25T17:00:02Z

In our pre-show interviews with this cast, we really liked Annie. Unfortunately, she was the “saboteur,” which was a terrible position to be put in at the start of the game. She deserves another chance.

Keith Henderson and Lawon Exum, Season 13

LaWon shaving Keiths head BB13Big brother 13 Lawon and Keith in bathroom. Lawon shaving Keiths head. Bb132011-07-12T04:18:23Z

Justice for Keith and Lawon, two great houseguests who were evicted way too early — especially Keith, who went out first after Dick Donato self-evicted.

Jodi Rollins, Season 14

Jodi Rollins Interview: Big Brother 14 HouseGuestBig Brother Network – bigbrothernetwork.com Jodi Rollins Big Brother 14 preseason interview2012-09-14T06:00:05Z

Jodi really got the short end of the stick being evicted after the first HOH competition on day one. That’s a terrible way to start the game. Justice for Jodi!

Nick Uhas, Howard Overby, and Candice Stewart, Season 15

Big Brother – The Bed ConfrontationCandice becomes the target when Aaryn, Kaitlin, and GinaMarie decide to attack. Subscribe for Live Feed access to see it all! Sign up HERE: bit.ly/10RVSpo2013-07-15T04:00:16Z

Season 15 was a hot mess and Howard and Candice were subjected to some horribly racist things in the house. Poor Nick was just too big for his britches and played too hard right out of the gate. Of course, he might not come back to Big Brother now that he’s a fancy-pants host for Netflix and the Discovery Channel.

Joanna ‘Joey’ Van Pelt, Season 16

Joey's Best Bits BB16Joey's time in the Big Brother house.2014-07-10T06:43:29Z

We really got a kick out of Joey in her short time in the house, so we’d love to see her get another shot at the game.

Glenn Garcia, Season 18

BB S18 Day vs Tiffany Argument What's Up?this video belongs to CBS i own nothing2018-08-12T00:18:00Z

Glenn seemed really fun and was mostly targeted because he was the “old man” of the house. He definitely deserves some redemption.

Megan Lowder, Season 19

'Big Brother' 19: Megan Lowder | EXTENDEDGet to know incoming "Big Brother" season 19 houseguest Megan Lowder with the help of "Big Brother Canada" alum Ika Wong. SUBSCRIBE to our channel: youtube.com/user/ETCanadaOfficial FOLLOW us here: etcanada.com Facebook: facebook.com/etcanada Twitter: twitter.com/etcanada Instagram: instagram.com/etcanada Snapchat: snapchat.com/add/etcanada #BigBrother2017-06-23T20:49:49Z

If Lowder wanted to play, she should totally be asked back. She self-evicted after the confrontations in the house caused her to have PTSD issues stemming from a sexual assault during her time serving in the Navy. Obviously, she might want nothing to do with Big Brother, but she’d be a top pick if she thought she wanted to try again.

Swaggy C, Season 20

Big Brother 20: Chris 'Swaggy C' Williams (FULL INTERVIEW)Swaggy C says he has a photographic memory! See him put it to use on season 20 of 'Big Brother,' premiering Wednesday, June 27,  on CBS.2018-06-29T22:12:13Z

Sorry, Fessy — you’re great, but you made it to the jury. If anybody from season 20 deserves another shot, it’s Swaggy C.

Kemi Faknula and Isabella Wang, Season 21

Big Brother – Kemi and Bella fight!2019-07-16T19:02:31Z

In another season with some terribly racist things being thrown around, Kemi and Isabella definitely deserve another shot, especially since they did a lot of fighting with each other in their short time in the house.

Big Brother 23 will return in the summer of 2021. Until then, we might get a new season of Big Brother Canada this winter/spring and there is talk of a winter edition of Celebrity Big Brother.

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