4 ‘Big Brother’ Conspiracy Theories About Production Interference

Julie Chen Moonves

CBS Julie Chen Moonves, the host of 'Big Brother.'

Big Brother” has delighted and frustrated its dedicated fan base over the years.

Viewer complaints run the gamut from predictable gameplay to houseguests’ problematic behavior being ignored. But what about the times that the show’s production team seemingly interfered with the outcome of the game?

Here are five of the biggest conspiracy theories about production interference on “Big Brother.”

1. “Helen Was Pushed” – “Big Brother 15”

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Talk to any “Big Brother” superfan long enough and you’ll probably hear the sentence “Helen Was Pushed.” They’re referring to Helen Kim of “Big Brother 15.” Helen was evicted in week 8, becoming the third member of the jury in 2013.

In week 9, Helen competed in an endurance Head of Household competition for a chance to reenter the game. In footage of the competition, you can see hands moving in the opening of the wall behind her feet right before she falls off the wall.

Some fans believe Helen was pushed by a production team member, while others think Helen had previously agreed to throw the competition and a tap on her ankle was her signal to jump off.

2. Jackson Michie’s Alleged Cheating – “Big Brother 21”

Jackson Michie won “Big Brother 21” in 2019, but fan opinions of him are mixed. During the season finale, Michie’s fellow houseguests called him out for being racist and misogynistic during the game.

Adding to fans’ mistrust of Michie was his supposed cheating during the game. While he was supposed to be on an all-slop diet, some fans believed they caught Michie sneaking real food into the shower on the live foods. One fan even started a petition on Change.Org calling for “Big Brother” to enforce its rules and penalize Michie for breaking them.

Many believe that production favored Michie by allowing him to cheat without repercussions.

3. Rigging a Competition in a Houseguest’s Favor – “Big Brother 16”

During a Battle of the Block competition in “Big Brother 16,” the house planned for Caleb Reynolds to throw the competition so his teammate Frankie Grande would lose and be evicted.

But many fans and BB16 alums think production rigged the competition to make it easier for Grande to win on his own. In a TikTok, BB16 alum Christine Varner said the houseguests could hear the competition being built in the backyard, and then later they could hear it being rebuilt.

Varner also said that the BOTB competition was played in the dark when normally they occurred midday, suggesting the competition was delayed.

4. Guinea Pig Gate – “Big Brother 9”

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Sharon Obermueller lost perhaps the most controversial Head of Household competition in “Big Brother” history. In a “fact or fiction” competition, one of the questions seemed unreasonable to viewers.

In a season where some houseguests had preexisting relationships outside the game, the contestants were asked if there were any remaining houseguests with preexisting relationships. Sharon answered that there weren’t and was eliminated. Why? Because the guinea pigs in the house were apparently siblings.

Seem like an unfair question? “Big Brother” fans thought so too and wondered if the question was rigged to eliminate Sharon.

Viewers of the show have come to expect a bit of meddling from the production team, but these examples still anger the fanbase to this day.

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