‘Big Brother 23’ Cast Spoilers: Race & LGBTQ Representation Details

Julie Chen Moonves on the 'Big Brother' set

CBS Julie Chen Moonves on the 'Big Brother' set

There are some possible spoilers regarding the “Big Brother” season 23 casting process about the racial and LGBTQ makeup of the cast. Read on to find out what to expect, though be warned of spoilers.


The Cast Will Probably Be Over Half BIPOC

According to reputable CBS insider account SpoilerGirl1, the tentative plan for the cast is as follows:

  • 3 Black women
  • 2 Black men
  • 1 Latina woman
  • 1 Latino man
  • 1 Middle Eastern or Asian man
  • 1 biracial female
  • 4 white men
  • 3 white women

That means out of 16 cast members, 44 percent would be white and 56 percent would be BIPOC (Black, indigenous, people of color), which is what CBS pledged last fall to start doing with all of its reality TV casting — have at least half the cast be non-white.

SpoilerGirl also said to expect “at least” two LGBTQ cast members, but she did qualify her information as “tentative” because the cast isn’t finalized yet. She said the cast will most likely be finalized by the first or second week of June, which makes sense — production has to allow for travel and a two-week quarantine before the live move-in episode on premiere night, which is Wednesday, July 7.

Some Fans Are Still Lamenting That White Men Are the Majority When Split Up By Gender and Race

Some of the fans are not happy that there are still so many white men and such a lack of other races. One writes on Twitter, “This better be a joke … ‘4 white men’ … cut to ‘1 middle eastern OR asian man’ like wow we’re gonna get 1/16 cast thats middle eastern OR asian (completely omitting the other).”

One other exchange had one fan writing, “Why is there so many white men wtf?” and someone responded, “So the show can push diversity… but still have at least two of those white men make end game in an alliance.”

Some fans also voiced the opinion that ratings will dive sharply with a more diverse cast. One user wrote, “Ratings gonna tank. Will be hilarious. … Get woke, go broke.”

Another wrote, “Wow so we’ve really had to go here. I can’t wait for people to say, but these people suck at playing the game! Well, do you want diversity naturally or planned? It’s sad it has to be this way. People that have been dreaming of going on now miss out because of some equation.”

But fans will just have to wait until most likely the end of June to find out who the season 23 cast members are. Hopefully, they’re gamers (like the casting agents have said they are looking for) and we get an active season where the balance of power switches often — because that makes for the most interesting show.

“Big Brother” season 23 premieres Wednesday, July 7 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. The move-in episode will be live just like it was for all-stars in 2020, and then we would expect the live feeds to begin shortly after the West Coast airing. Also, host Julie Chen Moonves recently revealed that the theme for the house this summer is “BB Beach Club.”

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