Will ‘Big Brother 23’ Have An Eviction on Night 1?

The 'Big Brother 21' premiere

CBS The 'Big Brother 21' premiere

Summer must be fast approaching because information about “Big Brother 23” is starting to trickle out. Here are the latest tidbits from a reputable insider account.

WARNING: Light spoilers ahead. Do not keep reading if you don’t want to be spoiled.

Live Feeds and Night 1 Eviction Information

According to SpoilerGirl1’s recent tweet about the upcoming season, there will be no eviction on night one — which is really good news because that always feels very unfair. #JusticeforJodi

SpoilerGirl also said that “live feeds begin same night of the episode.” Now, that could mean that it is like a normal season of “Big Brother,” where the houseguests have been in the house for nearly two weeks by the time the first episode airs.

However, we are keeping our fingers crossed that it means they are doing a live move-in episode as they did with all-stars and feeds will start right away after the West Coast airing of the premiere. That was an epic way to start the season last year and it’s a feature “Big Brother” should continue doing. It is always a little jarring to have the first 10 days condensed into one premiere episode and then be dropped into the house via the live feeds after everyone is good and settled. Plus, over the years, it sounds like some epic drama has happened in the time before the feeds are turned on. It worked for “Over the Top” and “All-Stars 2,” so it really should become a regular thing.

SpoilerGirl also said that “five house themes are being considered.”

Past themes have ranged from 1970s retro to Venice Beach to Mid-Century Modern to summer camp. Our personal favorite theme was for season eight, “Alice in Wonderland.” Not only was that a dope theme for the house but it was the first time the production design really got wild. The “Urban Treehouse” theme from season 16 was also really cool.

One fan on Twitter says he hopes it’s an “Under the Sea” theme, which could be a lot of fun. Honestly, whatever the theme is, we just hope it’s not too vertigo-inducing. Sometimes those rooms get a little out of control.

Cast Information

SpoilerGirl1 previously said that she was hearing the cast reveal would be mid-June, but in a recent tweet, she said it has been pushed back to June 30.

While we expect “Big Brother” to start earlier than last year — which was in August — there are still a lot of COVID-related hoops to jump through, so it looks like the show will start in early July.

The cast is all new players and vaccine cards will be required of every houseguest. SpoilerGirl has also previously said that the cast will be made up of eight people of color and eight white players as part of the new diversity and inclusion initiative at CBS.

So far, Julie Chen Moonves has been mum about the season, but she did recently post an Instagram photo teasing her season 23 publicity photoshoot, which she captioned, “Photoshoot time!! I wonder what that could mean? See you all soon.”

“Big Brother” season 23 will most likely premiere in early July this year.

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