Big Brother 24: September 18 Live Recap & Nomination Spoilers

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YouTube Big Brother: September 18 live RECAP

Taylor Hale became the final HOH during the Thursday, September 15 episode of “Big Brother.” In tonight’s episode, Taylor will nominate two houseguests for eviction per usual, but this week it all comes down to the Veto competition.

The two houseguests who survive the block this week will compete with Taylor in the three-part “Big Brother” finale, which will air on Sunday, September 25.

But first, the nominations. Follow along with our live coverage of tonight’s episode.


September 18 Live Recap

9:05: Here we go! Tonight’s episode kicks off with the houseguests regrouping after Taylor’s HOH win. Turner is upset about Brittany flipping the vote. He thinks she will try to pin the rogue vote on him.

Now it’s time for a flashback sequence. Last week, Brittany tried to convince Turner to throw Alyssa a sympathy vote but clearly, she was unsuccessful. Monte and Taylor are suspicious of Brittany. They want her out.

9:10: Brittany and Taylor are chatting upstairs. Brittany says she thinks Turner voted to keep Alyssa. Taylor isn’t convinced. In a confessional, Taylor reveals that Turner told her that Brittany tried to flip the vote against her last week. Taylor says she doesn’t know who to believe.

Monte and Taylor are in the bathroom talking about the split vote. Monte thinks Brittany voted to keep Alyssa. He seems sure of that. Turner joins. Turner says he did not cast the rogue vote. Taylor still is unsure of who she can trust.

9:18: Brittany and Taylor are talking about the week ahead. Brittany asks Taylor about nominations. Taylor says, “you’re not gonna like it.”

Taylor and Monte are now talking. Taylor says she plans to nominate Turner and Brittany for eviction. Taylor says that if Brittany wins the Veto, she will keep Monte. Monte is not convinced. He doesn’t trust Brittany. It looks like Turner is Taylor’s target but it really comes down to the Veto this week.

Turner approaches Brittany in the bathroom. He questions her about the rogue vote. She is ignoring him. Turner says he doesn’t like that Brittany used his friendship with Alyssa against him. He calls her slimy. She stays silent. He asks if she is going to blame the vote on him. She responds with, “thanks for your comments.” Yikes. In a confessional, Turner reveals he wants Brittany out of the game.

Turner goes to talk to Monte and Taylor. He vents about his conversation with Brittany. He starts crying about voting out Alyssa. In a confessional, Taylor says she feels empathy for Turner but she is also worried his tears might be an act. She says she has “shady” feelings about both Turner and Brittany.

9:30: Time for the nomination ceremony! Taylor nominates Turner and Brittany for eviction. No shock there. Nominations don’t mean too much this week. It all comes down to the Veto.

Brittany goes upstairs to talk to Taylor. She is still trying to pin the vote on Turner. Taylor says she may never know who is telling the truth but Brittany is better for her game, so she is rooting for Brittany to win the Veto.

9:35: Time for the final Veto comp of the season! It’s the famous days competition. Time to see which houseguest studied the most. Here is how it works. The houseguests will be shown a series of photos from the season. They have to figure out what day each photo is from. After the houseguests mark down all the days, they have to add up all the days to find the sum total.

9:50: The houseguests are struggling with their days. They can’t seem to get it right. No winner yet.

Update! Monte wins the final Veto of the summer.

9:55: In a confessional, Taylor says she wants to keep Brittany in the game because she thinks she can beat Brittany in the finale. Taylor says she is going to try to convince Monte to keep Brittany. Cut to Monte and Taylor making out in the HOH room. She starts talking about keeping Brittany. Monte is still unsure about what he wants to do.

We’ll find out on Thursday at 9 p.m. Eastern Time on CBS.

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