Shanna Moakler’s Boyfriend Arrested on Domestic Violence Charges

Shanna Moakler

CBS Shanna Moakler on 'Celebrity Big Brother.'

“Celebrity Big Brother” contestant Shanna Moakler’s boyfriend was arrested on charges of felony domestic violence, according to a February 24 report from TMZ.

The day after the “Celebrity Big Brother” finale, Moakler’s boyfriend Matthew Rondeau went live on her Instagram page, making comments that disturbed and worried fans.

In the video, which has since been deleted, Rondeau accuses Moakler of cheating and lying and walks around their neighborhood, yelling. He calls Moakler a “c***,” a “whore” and a “sociopath narcissist piece of s***.”

According to TMZ, Rondeau was arrested on charges of felony domestic violence in Los Angeles. Page Six confirmed with the LAPD “that a dispute call had been placed to officers at 8:17 a.m. local time from Moakler’s home, and a person was taken into custody.”

Law enforcement told TMZ that Moakler and Rondeau got into a fight at their home on the evening of Wednesday, February 23, according to the outlet. TMZ’s sources said that Moakler left the home but returned on the morning of Thursday, February 24.

After her return, Moakler and Rondeau began fighting again and things “became physical,” TMZ reported. Moakler had visible marks on her body when police arrived, they told the outlet.

Heavy reached out to Rondeau and to Moakler’s representative about the incident but did not receive an immediate response.

Rondeau Yelled at the Neighbor’s House in the Video

In the video Rondeau posted to Moakler’s Instagram page, he flips off a house in his neighborhood where he says Moakler had spent the night. He yells at the house that the neighbor has a “f****** wife and f****** kids.”

He implies in the video that something romantic may have been going on between Moakler and the neighbor and criticizes her for leaving him to go stay at someone else’s house.

“I’m not f****** drunk, I’m not f****** high, I’m completely heartbroken,” he says.

Moakler Commented ‘Hottie’ on Rondeau’s Social Media Less Than 24 Hours Before the Arrest

Moakler and Rondeau were having problems before the video surfaced. While Moakler was in the “Celebrity Big Brother” house, completely cut off from the outside world, Rondeau unfollowed her on Instagram and deleted all pictures of her.

But after Moakler was evicted from “Celebrity Big Brother,” she told TMZ that she and Rondeau were “working on” their relationship and that they had “a real and honest love.”

Moakler commented on a picture Rondeau posted to Instagram on February 23, writing, “Hottie ❤️🔥😍.” Rondeau responded to the comment, writing, “All yours baby 😈💦🙈.”

Moakler’s 16-year-old daughter Alabama Barker posted about the incident on her Instagram Story.

“Just texted my mom ! I’m not sure what happened on her live I’m in contact with her & she is okay ❤️ That man needs serious help!” she wrote.

Rondeau Insisted He Wasn’t Jealous of Lamar Odom

After Rondeau unfollowed Moakler on Instagram during “Celebrity Big Brother,” TMZ reported that Rondeau was angry about the way Moakler was talking to NBA star Lamar Odom on the show.

On Monday, February 21, Rondeau clarified things on his Instagram story. “What I saw and what I heard on the live feeds between Shanna and Lamar was unacceptable, and I was not happy about those word exchanges as I stated earlier,” he wrote, according to Us Weekly. “However, I did not unfollow and delete the pictures between Shanna and I because of that. There are more personal reasons why I deleted and unfollowed Shanna at the time however that is no one’s business other than Shanna’s and my own.”

He added that he is “not jealous of Lamar Odom … or any other man. I’m very confident in myself and know my self-worth and what I have to offer. Shanna and I truly do love one another and just never want to let each other go.”

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