Is There Another New Showmance from the ‘Big Brother 23’ Cast?

Big Brother 23 showmances

CBS Kyland Young, Derek Xiao, and Hannah Chaddha on 'Big Brother 23'.

Many “Big Brother 23” fans were surprised when contestants Claire Rehfuss and Derek Xiao announced they were dating after the season ended.

But is there still another couple from the “Big Brother 23” cast keeping their relationship under wraps? On October 29, the trusted “Big Brother” spoiler account @spoilergirl1 tweetedI hear there is a second relationship but its being kept quiet. #BB23 😯.”

Hannah Chaddha from the cast quoted the tweet, writing “there is? 🤭🤫🤐” implying that she knows who the secret couple is. With nearly the entire “Big Brother 23” cast together for Halloween weekend in Tampa, fans have begun to form theories about who the secret couple might be. 

Xavier & Alyssa

Although Xavier Prather and Alyssa Lopez were just good friends on “Big Brother 23,” Xavier admitted that he found Alyssa attractive. He also said he was relieved that Alyssa had a showmance with Christian Birkenberger so he couldn’t get distracted by having a crush.

But now that Xavier was won the $750k grand prize and Christian and Alyssa have broken up, are his feelings for Alyssa still there? In an Instagram story from the reunion weekend of the cast waiting in line for a roller coaster, Xavier poses next to Alyssa while Christian looks sullen in the background. Another video from the weekend shows Xavier giving Alyssa a weird look before the two of them break into smiles and laughs.

But in photos on Alyssa’s Instagram story of the group’s final meal together of the reunion, she and Christian were seated next to each other. Are Xavier and Alyssa just close friends? Or is there something more?

Tiffany & Kyland

During “Big Brother 23,” Tiffany Mitchell and Kyland Young were seen getting pretty cozy on the live feeds. Even though Kyland successfully evicted Tiffany while he was Head of Household, the pair have remained close friends outside the game. Some fans think they’re more than friends and have begun referring to them as “Tiland.”

Prior to the Tampa cast reunion, Kyland flew to visit Tiffany in Detroit and shared a video of her picking him up from the airport, stating “how lucky” he was to have her as his chauffeur. Tiffany has liked and retweeted posts implying that she and Kyland are together.

She retweeted a series of photos of her and Kyland that had the caption, “Relationship status: Divorced But Staying Together For The Sake Of DX, I guess 😩 #bb23.”

Are they together or just friends having fun playing with “Big Brother” fans’ emotions?

More ‘Big Brother’ Spoilers Were Dropped

@Spoilergirl 1 had some more “Big Brother” gossip on October 30. In a tweet, the spoiler account revealed, “I had dinner with my BB friend the other day. Said they are considering 8 newbies and 8 returning players heavily. #BB23 DX and Tiffany would return.” The account added in another tweet that production also wants to make the game more challenging next season. 

Tiffany won America’s Favorite Player this season with Derek Xiao closely behind her in votes. But do “Big Brother” fans actually want to see returning players? Time will tell.

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