‘Big Brother’ Live Eviction & HOH Spoilers for 7/29/2021

Britini D'Angelo in the 'Big Brother 23' house

CBS Britini D'Angelo in the 'Big Brother 23' house

UPDATE: Christian is the new HOH. The original post continues below.

It is week three in the “Big Brother 23” house and it looks as though another man is walking out the door. Unless something changed drastically in the house on Thursday, July 29, Brent Champagne is going to be evicted — and it sounds like it might be the first blindside of the season.

The real suspense this week will be who wins Head of Household for week four. This is a big one because right now, it is basically the Kings (Xavier Prather, Sarah Beth Steagull, Alyssa Lopez, and Christian Birkenberger) against the rest of the house because they are the only team still fully intact. Alyssa and Christian know they have a target on their backs as teammates and a showmance, so they better hope they win HOH.

Follow along with our live results below but be warned of spoilers from the live eviction episode.

All times Eastern.

8:05 — Hopefully, nobody told Brent about being voted out. When did that become the norm? It takes all the fun out of eviction night, honestly. Also, “ChrisAlyss” is a clever portmanteau, but I will not be crying if Christian or Alyssa go home next.

8:10 — We get a super funny montage of Brent being convinced that he’s going to blindside Xavier by staying, but Xavier knows what’s up and he knows the house is voting to evict Brent. Brent is ecstatic that Christian didn’t use the Power of Veto and he’s sure that the votes will be 6-5 in his favor — he thinks he has the rest of his team (Whitney, Derek X, and Hannah) plus the Queens (Tiffany, Claire and Kyland). They even form a fake alliance called “The Mafia” to keep up the charade.

8:15 — Derek F. decides Xavier is a lawyer and will not shut up about it. “Derek. We in the cookout. We grillin’ together! … Shut up about it!” Hahaha, that’s hilarious. Sarah Beth is not wrong — you aren’t allowed to be that good-looking and also that smart, dude.

8:20 — With the house feeling confident that Brent is going home, the talk about the next HOH has been plentiful and frequent. Pretty much everyone is on board with getting a member of the Kings out and they all want it to be either Christian or Alyssa. Also, the “Royal Flush,” is not a real alliance if half of the alliance isn’t on board with it. That’s a big no.

8:35 — Time to vote. Brent is evicted unanimously. He barely blinks at the news. SOMEBODY TOLD! Ugh, why can’t we have nice things, “Big Brother” players?!

8:45 — It feels like Brent’s exit interview is a lot of Julie Chen Moonves filling time. Is tonight an endurance HOH comp? It seems like it might be. Stay tuned here, we will keep updating you as soon as the live feeds return.

8:50 — The HOH comp, “Peer Pressure,” is a team comp. Wow. That shows some gumption on CBS’ part in assuming there would be even teams tonight? I mean, yes, it felt like Brent’s eviction was a foregone conclusion, but still. That is something. Anyway, this is a puzzle competition, but the players are on a 25-second clock and if they don’t trade off before 25 seconds is up, their entire team is disqualified.

8:55 — The puzzle itself is a foam surfboard with palm leaves on it. The red team and the blue team get off to a really good start — and then just like that, the blue team wins. Christian is HOH because he was the one who finished the puzzle. So there goes the plan to nominate Christian and Alyssa. For us fans who root for chaos, this is actually the best possible outcome because now this week will be pretty interesting.

9:00 — In her goodbye message, Julie reveals that next week will be the first endurance HOH comp and it will play out on the live feeds, so get ready.

“Big Brother” season 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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