Big Brother Spoilers: Taylor & Monte Makeout on the Live Feeds

Monte & Taylor

CBS Monte & Taylor are seen kissing on the live feeds

Things are heating up in the “Big Brother” house. Earlier today, a “Big Brother” fan account shared a live feed clip of Monte and Taylor kissing on Twitter.

The 20-second clip starts with Monte and Taylor cuddling in bed before Monte goes in for the kiss.

Fans React to Monte & Taylor Kiss


The video, which has over 150,000 views, received mixed reactions from fans. Some viewers loved the romantic moment, while other fans worried it would affect Taylor’s game.

Taylor is currently on the block next to Alyssa. The plan is to vote out Alyssa on Thursday but fans are worried that Taylor’s makeout session with Monte could put a target on her block. If Turner finds out about the kiss, he may vote out Taylor to ensure that he is Monte’s number one.

Fans expressed their concern for Taylor’s game on Twitter.

“TAYLOR and Monte better not tell anyone in the d*** house about this, I’m so serious. These people will flip the vote in heartbeat #bb24,” one Twitter user wrote. 

“Hopefully Monte and Taylor keep their mouths closed all week so Turner and Brittany don’t freak out and flip vote #bb24,” another fan tweeted.

“A little nervous. Praying Monte and Taylor don’t tell anyone. My god they’re both chatty. Please don’t say a word. #bb24,” a third user added.

Some fans brought up Joseph, with whom Taylor had developed a flirtmance before he was sent to jury.

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“No stop I’m really sad for joseph #BB24,” one fan tweeted.

“Honestly Monte knew Joseph was crushing on Taylor too. So I’m even more annoyed that he would start flirting with Taylor after Joseph left #BB24,” another user tweeted. 

“I stand by my girl’s decision no matter what.But I will feel a little bad for Joseph if he was waiting on her #BB24,” a third user wrote.

Who Is Going Home This Week?


A lot went down on the 24-hour live feeds this week. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Here’s what you missed:

Monte won the Horror-inspired Head of Household competition this week and nominated Brittany and Alyssa for eviction.

Brittany won the Power of Veto, which put Monte in a difficult position. Brittany obviously used the Veto to save herself, forcing Monte to choose between his two closest allies, Turner and Taylor, as the replacement nominee.

Monte ended up naming Taylor as the replacement nominee.

As of now, Alyssa is the target. But a lot could change before Thursday night.

How to Watch the Live Feeds

The live feeds are available on Paramount Plus. Fans can access the feeds by signing up for a Paramount Plus subscription.

The streaming service offers two subscription plans. Users can either pay $4.99 a month or sign up for a premium subscription plan for $9.99 a month and enjoy advertisement-free content.

Stay tuned for more “Big Brother” updates.

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