Taylor Hale Calls Out Monte Taylor for ‘Misogynistic’ Behavior

Monte & Taylor

CBS Taylor Hale calls out Monte Taylor for misogynistic behavior.

Season 24 winner Taylor Hale and runner-up Monte Taylor had a complicated relationship in the “Big Brother” house.

The two started at odds, with Monte wanting to vote Taylor out of the house. Their relationship improved later on when they joined the majority alliance, The Leftovers, in week three. In week ten, they shocked fans when their relationship turned romantic. The two were spotted cuddling and making out on the September 13 live feeds.

Despite the strides they made in their relationship, fans remained critical of the way Monte spoke about Taylor on the live feeds.

Monte made a number of remarks about Taylor throughout the season that didn’t sit well with fans, including calling her personality unattractive and calling her cold-hearted.

In a six-hour sit-down interview with “Big Brother” superfan Taran Armstrong, Taylor spoke about her complicated relationship with Monte.

Here’s what you need to know:

Taylor Calls Out Monte for Misogynist Behavior


In the October interview, Taylor said that Monte underestimated her and called out her former showmance for “misogynistic” behavior.

“I think Monte likes the symbolism of publicly supporting women, publicly supporting black women,” she said. “Early in the game, he said, ‘If I’m [going to] lose, I [want to] lose to a black woman. But what conversations did you have about black women during your time in the game?”

“There were deeply misogynistic undertones,” she continued. “Overtly misogynistic words that he said and actions that he did.”

“It ebbed and flowed throughout the game but it was always there,” she added.

Taylor said she believes that Monte thought bringing her to final two would be an “easy win” for him, telling Taran his biggest mistake was underestimating her.

“The lesson is in underestimating me,” she said. “The lesson is in [me] beating him in the end when he thought he set up the pieces so perfectly for himself.”

Taylor even went as far as to say that her game “started and ended with Monte degrading” her.

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Monte Apologizes for Negative Remarks Toward Taylor


In a September interview with Parade, Monte apologized for any negative remarks he said about the personal stylist.

“I want to apologize for anything that has come across or that was offensive or anything that was negative towards Taylor,” he told the outlet.

He also admitted he made an incorrect assumption about Taylor in week one. Fans may remember that in week one, Taylor tried to warn Monte that the girls, specifically Paloma Aguilar, made statements about wanting to vote out the boys early on. Monte confronted Paloma, who denied it and accused Taylor of lying. Monte believed Paloma and went along with a plan to get Taylor out of the house.

“I was operating based off of information that I had at that time during that first week,” he told the publication. “Everything that I had at that moment would lead me to believe that her intentions were not in the right place in that communication that she shared with me about Paloma. I was clearly wrong.”

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