‘Big Brother 23’s’ Tiffany Mitchell Talks Cookout Betrayal & Kyland Showmance

Tiffany Mitchell on 'Big Brother 23'

CBS Tiffany Mitchell on 'Big Brother 23'

Tiffany Mitchell was the first evicted houseguest of the second double eviction in the “Big Brother 23” house, now joining Britini D’Angelo, Derek Xiao, Sarah Beth Steagall, Claire Rehfuss, and Alyssa Lopez in the jury house.

In Tiffany’s exit interview, she talked to Heavy about being surprised she was targeted, feeling betrayed by the Cookout, what is up between her and fellow houseguest Kyland Young — and she correctly predicted that Hannah Chaddha would be the next to go.

On The Cookout’s Betrayal

'Big Brother 23' Tiffany Mitchell Exit InterviewEvicted "Big Brother 23" houseguest Tiffany talks to Heavy about feeling betrayed by the Cookout, how she was surprised to be targeted first, and also her lowkey showmance with Kyland Young.2021-09-17T16:10:31Z

Heavy: Do you feel betrayed that the Cookout cut you first?

Tiffany: I definitely was in my feelings about the Cookout nominating me and wanting me out at [final] six. However, when I realized that they wanted me out because they could not control me, I took it as an honor. You’re damn right, you cannot control me, so if that’s why you want me out, I will always be first.

Heavy: In hindsight, do you wish you and the other women had flipped things?

Tiffany: In hindsight, I do not. I realize that in hindsight, everything went exactly as it was supposed to go. Had anything, had any minor detail been changed, we may not have gotten to where we were and I’m just definitely glad everything went according to plan.

Tiffany Was Surprised She Was Targeted First

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Heavy: At the start of the week, did you see your eviction coming? Did you know you’d be targeted?

Tiffany: Somehow, subconsciously, I must have felt like I was in jeopardy because I went to Kyland even when I was still HOH to try to reestablish trust that he didn’t even know was as bad as it was, but I think I knew because I was the one who didn’t trust him, so I must have subconsciously known that I was in trouble. However, when he won HOH, I was totally happy — like yes, cool, I’m frickin’ safe. So no, I did not see that he was going to nominate me and definitely not next to Hannah. I was definitely surprised.

Heavy: Who do you think is in the worst position in the house right now?

Tiffany: Hannah is probably in the worst position in the house. They put her next to me, she’s heavily associated with me. I think that everyone else is working together. However, maybe Kyland is by himself too and Hannah and Kyland can work together and get out the other side. I think she’s in grave danger.

What Is Up With That Showmance?

VideoVideo related to ‘big brother 23’s’ tiffany mitchell talks cookout betrayal & kyland showmance2021-09-17T12:11:53-04:00

In case you missed it, Kyland and Tiffany were seen possibly smooching under the covers on the live feeds — fans definitely thought there was something going on that Kyland and Tiffany were covering up with the blankets.

Heavy: Talk to us about your lowkey showmance with Kyland. What’s going on there?

Tiffany: Um, Kyland is gorgeous and I cannot deny that. We have a flirtmance and that’s about it.

“Big Brother” season 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times on CBS.

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