VIDEO: Michael Bruner Slams ‘Big Brother 24’ Houseguests on the Live Feeds

Michael Bruner

YouTube Michael Bruner

On August 10, a “Big Brother” fan account shared clips of Michael Bruner ranting to the cameras on Twitter.

Michael slammed several of his fellow houseguests in the videos and even called one houseguest a “mean girl.”

Here’s what you need to know.

Michael Is Fed Up With Kyle & Joseph

Michael started his rant by calling out his Leftovers alliance members, Kyle Capener and Joseph Abdin.

Apparently, the two have expressed concern about jury votes on the feeds and it has been getting under Michael’s skin.

He told the cameras, “Hearing Kyle and Joseph complain about their jury votes…Monte and I may be the first and second member of the jury because we are sticking our necks out, and we are putting our a**es on the line for all of us, and you’re [going to] come to me and complain about your f***ing jury votes? Get the f*** out of here. It’s f***ing ridiculous.”

“I get it. That is something you should be concerned about,” Michael continued. “But to voice that to the people who run the greatest risk of going home for having your back. I can’t. I can’t.”

Michael Calls Jasmine a Mean Girl

After Michael finished with Kyle and Joseph, he transitioned to talking about Jasmine Davis.

The 29-year-old called Jasmine a mean girl and said he is tired of her fake bulls***.

“If she is owning it in the [Diary Room], good for her, good. But I am so sick of the fake bulls***,” he told the cameras.

“She is a mean girl who talks s*** about people behind their backs,” he continued.

Michael Trashes Daniel

In the second clip shared by the “Big Brother” fan account, Michael told fans he has a special goodbye message planned for Daniel Durston, who will likely be leaving the “Big Brother” house on Thursday during the live eviction episode.

“I hope you all enjoy my goodbye message to Daniel. It will be scathing,” he said. “I really hope you get to see it.”

He continued, “F*** that guy and the way he has treated people in this house.”

Fans React to Michael’s Rant


“Big Brother” fans loved seeing a more savage side of Michael. They replied to the tweet with their thoughts on Michael’s rant.

“Iconic,” one fan wrote in an August 10 tweet. “Been waiting for Michael to speak the truth about what’s going on. As much as I like Joseph, he and Kyle put themselves in the best position to win #BB24 by playing both sides and letting Michael do the hard work for the alliance. Clocking Jasmine – even more iconic.”

“Michael just jumped up a few spots in my rankings after this,” another user tweeted.

“Yes!!!! This is the Michael we need,” a third user added.

“You go Micheal,” a fourth user replied. “I’m so happy you could tell us how you feel to get it off your chest! Micheal for the win!”

“Big Brother 23” fan favorite Tiffany Mitchell also shared her thoughts on Michael’s epic rant.

“OMG, not Michael making a complete stan out of me,” she wrote in an August 10 tweet. “Say what you want but he is PLAYING BIG BROTHER and I am living for it. ‘Tag her in it, I don’t give AF!’ #bb24.”

Stay tuned for more “Big Brother 24” updates.

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