How to Watch the ‘Big Brother’ Live Feeds This Summer

Big Brother 23 live feeds

Youtube The new season of "Big Brother" premieres on July 7.

Fans of “Big Brother” won’t have to wait much longer for the scheming, shenanigans, and shocking twists they’ve come to expect from the hit reality show. An all-new season, with all new players, premieres on July 7.

Although the show will air as usual on CBS, fans without cable can still watch the live show, and the 24/7 live feeds, via the subscription-based streaming service Paramount Plus. The streaming platform also has all old episodes of “Big Brother” as well as other CBS shows including “Survivor” and “The Amazing Race.”

The show had previously been available for streaming on CBS All-Access. A Paramount Plus subscription costs $4.99 a month or $9.99 for an ad-free experience. There are no advertisements during the live feed coverage.

How to Watch the Show for Free

To kick-off the “Big Brother” summer right, CBS has released a promo code for all first-time users of Paramount Plus. Use the promo code “MOVIES” to get one free month of the streaming service.

That means one free month of “Big Brother 23″, including 24/7 live feed coverage.

The Live Feeds are Allegedly Starting Night One

For many years, “Big Brother” live feeds started a few days after the season premiere episode. But according to the reputable “Big Brother” spoiler Twitter account @hamsterwatch, live feeds will be available on night one of the new season.

The account recently tweeted, “#BB23 feeds will begin July 7 after premiere ends in the west = 9:30 pm pacific/12:30 am eastern.” Another tweet by the account mused on the possibility that there may not be a live move-in this year. Last year, the premiere episode was specifically billed as a “live move-in”, while this year nothing in the promotional content has indicated a live move-in. 

“It’s possible (the houseguests) move in before, and Julie will be live to chat with them or run a comp or whatever…we’ll see,” @hamsterwatch tweeted.

What to Expect from BB23

Some fans are feeling apprehensive about this season after feeling let down by last year’s All-stars season. However, BB22 was at a disadvantage due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Last year, all houseguests had to quarantine for a full two weeks before entering the house. It made sense that CBS went with a cast full of houseguests they’d already worked with.

Some of last season’s twists also fell flat due to the restrictions. In an interview with Heavy, “Big Brother” legend Dr. Will Kirby admitted that his role as the “Big Brother” neighbor last year wasn’t properly utilized.

“[L]ast summer, social distancing mandates made it exceedingly difficult to implement the ‘Big Brother’ neighbor twist properly and I’ll be the first to admit that it didn’t meet its potential,” said Kirby.

It seems that Kirby will be part of this season as the neighbor again. “Rest assured that the ‘Big Brother’ neighbor didn’t change his address, he’s still right next door,” Kirby told Heavy.

Is a Duo Twist Possible?

On June 23, the official “Big Brother” Twitter account tweeted a video highlighting some of the most iconic duos of the show’s history, including Janelle and Kaysar. The caption read, “Two weeks until #BB23!! Who is your favorite dynamic duo of all time?”

The tweet has some fans wondering if this is a hint that there will be some kind of twist involving duos or partnerships this summer. Could there be something similar to the season 6 twist brewing, where each houseguest secretly knew one other player from outside the house?

Only time will tell!

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