‘Big Brother 23’ Week 1 Power of Veto Competition Results

'BIg Brother 23' premiere

CBS 'BIg Brother 23' premiere

We have our first Power of Veto winner for “Big Brother” 2021. Read on to find out who played in the contest, who won and whether or not we think the winner will use the POV this week, but be warned of spoilers.


The Players

As usual, the Head of Household and two nominees played for Power of Veto. That means Frenchie as HOH and Kyland and Alyssa as the nominees all chose chips out of the Power of Veto bag to see who the other three players were.

After the feeds came back when players were chosen, Kyland could be heard talking about how they were only six chips in the bag when he drew his. Fans immediately cried foul that production was limiting the number of people who could play. There is another explanation. If the people who have safety were not eligible and the HOH and nominees were also not eligible to be drawn, that would take eight people out of the bag β€” Frenchie, Kyland, Alyssa, the rest of the Jokers team (Azah, Britini, Derek F.) and the Wildcard winner (Christian) and the person he got to give safety to, which is Xavier.

If that is correct, that would have left Whitney, Brent, Derek X, Hannah, Sarah Beth, Tiffany, Claire and Travis in the bag. If Kyland drew last, two chips would have already been drawn and he would have only had six chips to choose from.

It does work with who was drawn to play β€” Travis, Derek X, and Tiffany. However, we don’t know why the safe people would be ineligible to play, unless that is a new rule this year. But why wouldn’t production have told the houseguests that before the draw? Something seems hinky here.

But either way, the six people playing in Power of Veto were Frenchie, Kyland, Alyssa, Tiffany, Derek X, and Travis.

The Results

The winner of the week one Power of Veto was… Derek X. This is a big deal because Frenchie had decided that Derek X was his target and he wanted to backdoor him. It’s a little weird that Frenchie is targeting Derek X because Derek X has done next to nothing in the game so far. Frenchie is convinced that Derek is some kind of mastermind in the house, which he decidedly is not.

If Derek doesn’t use the veto, the nominations remain the same and either Alyssa or Kyland go home on Thursday.

If Derek X chooses to use the veto, he can’t go up in the person’s place, so Frenchie now has to decide who he wants to nominate if Derek uses it. He has been floating around two names β€” Claire and Travis.

Fans are livid that Frenchie might put Claire up with Alyssa or Kyland, since he spent the whole first day of the show spouting about how he didn’t want to send a woman or a person of color home first. The only way for Frenchie to save this week with the fans is to put up Travis, who has done very little in the game so far. Honestly, that would actually be a strong play by Frenchie β€” it would get out a strong male player without making anybody too mad.

The Power of Veto ceremony is expected to be Sunday, July 11, so stay tuned to see what Derek decides to do.

“Big Brother” season 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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