Is ‘Big Brother’ on TV Tonight?

Big Brother 23

Youtube Will there be a new "Big Brother" episode tonight, Thursday, July 8?

Big Brother 23” finally premiered last night and we can’t wait to see more of the houseguests. Will a new episode air tonight? Here’s the rundown on the schedule.

While new episodes will air on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays throughout the season, there will not be a new episode tonight. The next new episode will air on Sunday, July 11, and the normal schedule will resume following that.

You can, however, tune into the live feeds before Sunday. With a Paramount Plus subscription (which also gives you access to live episodes of “Big Brother“), you can watch the live feeds 24/7 starting on July 8.

In an interview with Us Weekly, “Big Brother” executive producer Rich Meehan stated, “I believe the plan is the live feeds will be on the evening after the premiere.”

When Is the Next “Live” Episode Airing?

Following yesterday’s live move-in, there won’t technically be another live episode until the first eviction on Thursday, July 15. The events of the episodes airing on Sunday, July 11 and Wednesday, July 14 will be spoiled if you watch the live feeds.

Events spoiled by live feeds include nominations, power of veto competitions, and power of veto ceremonies. Evictions always take place live on Thursdays.

Which Houseguests Stand Out So Far?

After last night’s premiere, we got a first taste of the houseguest’s personalities. Only time will tell which contestants will fly, fall, or float.

Before the premiere, fans were going off of mere first impressions of the houseguests. The day before the premiere, “Big Brother” alum Kat Dunn tweeted, “while I’m not emotionally attached to him, I have Kyland as my winner.” Dunn was referring to account executive Kyland Young.

Dunn also jokingly added nods to her favorite new houseguests to her Twitter bio. Her bio now includes, “Derek Frazier Stan Account,” “In a Showmance with Xavier Prather”, and “Longtime Friend of Alyssa Lopez.”

On “Rob Has a Podcast“, “Big Brother” correspondent Amam Adwin also weighed in on Dunn’s favorite-to-win, Kyland. “He’s not giving me fun feeds energy and that’s typically not the type of person that I go for, but I think that specifically seeking out tranquility will serve you well in the Big Brother house,” Adwin said.

Another BB correspondent, Taran Armstrong, shared some concerns about houseguest Xavier Prather on the podcast. “I’m not sure that he has a lot of immediate things to connect with others (on). As an attorney, I think he has a very different work-life than a lot of the people in the cast. And I think he stands out physically.”

Rob Has a Podcast” correspondent Melissa Deni shared that while houseguest Alyssa Lopez started off as one of the players she felt most confident in, that changed after seeing her answers in the Us Weekly interview video.

“I was really excited that I felt like she had a strategy and was ready to go and knew the game,” said Deni. “But then (in the video) I didn’t get that winner’s energy. I didn’t get that drive to compete.”

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