What’s In ‘Big Brother’ Slop?!

Julie Chen Moonves

Getty Host Julie Chen Moonves says she has tried the infamous 'Big Brother' slop.

The tradition of “Big Brother” slop began in season six, the first all-stars season of the show. Previously, unlucky houseguests who lost food competitions had been punished with a diet of nothing but peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. But ever since 2006, “Big Brother” houseguests have dined on the dreaded mushy concoction known solely as slop.

What is slop, exactly? The official “Big Brother” Twitter account shared a video of the recipe in 2017 showing how to make the unsavory dish. Just add water to a mixture of steel oats, whey protein isolate, unflavored soy protein, and vitamin and mineral powder.

In an interview with Gold Derby, “Big Brother” host Julie Chen Moonves said she’s tried slop. “It’s not bad. It’s like very dry oatmeal. It doesn’t have a lot of flavor.”

What are the Slop Rules?

Big Brother slop ingredients

YoutubeUnlucky houseguests are punished with slop on ‘Big Brother’.

Although slop was introduced to “Big Brother” in season 6, the tradition of “Have Nots” which is now associated with it didn’t begin until “Big Brother 11.” “Have Nots” must eat slop for the week in addition to dealing with uncomfortable sleeping accommodations and cold showers.

Although “Have Nots” are not allowed to eat anything besides slop, they are allowed to flavor the dish with condiments. Haleigh Broucher of “Big Brother 20” explored this in a live feed highlight, adding barbecue sauce to her slop.

Houseguests are also permitted to cook slop. In a season 22 live feed highlight, “Big Brother” all-star Kaysar Ridha attempted to make slop cookies and ended up burning them.

If a player breaks their all-slop diet, they could be subjected to a penalty vote, putting them in potential danger of eviction. This happened on “Big Brother 8” when houseguest Jen Johnson broke the rules by eating other food.

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There Was a ‘Big Brother’ Slop Cheating Scandal

Jackson Michie Big Brother

YoutubeJackson Michie of ‘Big Brother 21’ was accused of breaking the slop rules.

In 2019, a “Big Brother” fan started a petition on Change.Org asking the CBS show to enforce its own slop rules. The petition focused on the houseguest Jackson Michie, who was allegedly seen sneaking other food into the shower on the live feeds.

The petition reads, “in past seasons, houseguests who broke the Have Not rules were penalized appropriately and Jackson should not be receiving special treatment for any reason.”

Michie received criticism from his fellow houseguests about his behavior in the house during the “Big Brother 21” season finale. But as for the slop scandal, his conscience is clean. When asked if he cheated in a a 2019 interview with Entertainment Weekly, Michie said “I really, really wasn’t. I respect this game too much.”

Two ‘Big Brother 9’ Houseguests on Slop Had to Be Rushed to the Hospital

Joey Van Pelt Big Brother

YoutubeJoey from “Big Brother 16” eating a popsicle made out of slop.

Although slop contains protein, vitamins, and minerals, it wasn’t enough to keep two “Big Brother 9” houseguests properly nourished.

Houseguest Amanda Hansen is hypoglycemic and fainted during her time on slop. She was seen on the live feeds telling fellow houseguests that she needed sugar badly before collapsing facedown on the floor. During the same season, houseguest Allison Nichols had an allergic reaction to slop.


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