‘Big Brother 23’ Alum Posts Twitter Apology After Backlash

Big Brother 23 cast

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Although “Big Brother 23” ended in September 2021, many of the alums are still good friends.

Others have had their differences, namely Derek Frazier and Whitney Williams. Frazier and Williams were among the BB23 alums who reunited in Los Angeles to celebrate the “Celebrity Big Brother” finale on February 23. In a now-deleted tweet, Frazier posted a picture of Williams sitting on Todrick Hall’s couch. He called her out for visiting Hall’s house after she previously tweeted about not wanting to associate with him.

Williams was hurt by Frazier being nice to her face and then calling her out on social media. Fans came to Williams’ defense. “It’s not like Whitney was staying over at Todrick’s or was eating his food. She wanted to see her friends. So she stopped by for a minute. Derek is a punk for waiting until she had left the state to pull that nonsense,” one Twitter user wrote.

On February 26, Frazier took to Twitter to apologize.

“After some deep reflection I’ve come to the realization that me taking/posting the picture without Whitney’s consent was both hurtful and hypocritical of what I said last week when I said that ‘these matters shouldn’t be taken to a public platform’ and for that I truly apologize,” he tweeted.

Frazier left several retweets that criticized Williams on his Twitter page.

Williams’ Response to the Apology

One Twitter user responded to Frazier’s apology and tagged Williams, asking if Frazier had also apologized to her personally and privately.

“He may have tried, but I ❌ his number and he blocked me on insta. ”When someone shows you who they are, believe them”. I’ve realized that just because we’re castmates doesn’t mean we need to be friends too. He didn’t like me on the show so I shouldn’t have expected that to change,” Williams tweeted.

On March 1, Williams tweeted about doing a Starbucks gift card giveaway on her Instagram. “I let the negativity get the best of me last week, so this week I want to start focusing on happiness instead,” she wrote in the tweet.

Todrick Hall Has Still Not Addressed His Time on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’

Williams and Fraziers’ Twitter feud started with Williams rethinking her trip to Los Angeles if it meant she would be around Todrick Hall.

“I’m going to be completely honest.. seeing so much stuff like this on Todrick and other house guests is furthering my consideration of cancelling my trip to LA next week,” Williams quote-tweeted a video of Hall seemingly mocking a homeless woman.

Several “Big Brother 23” alums became friends with Hall when he invited them to stay at his house following the “Big Brother 23” finale in September 2021. After Hall’s appearance on “Celebrity Big Brother,” he canceled all press interviews related to the show. He has yet to address the backlash to his behavior on “Celebrity Big Brother.”

Hall Has Been Posting About His Tour

After a tense “Celebrity Big Brother” finale in which several of the evicted houseguests threw shade at Hall, he declined to speak about the show on social media.

His Instagram posts since leaving the “Celebrity Big Brother” house have been advertising his upcoming Femuline tour. On an Instagram post revealing the setlist for the tour, “Big Brother 21” alum Tommy Bracco commented, “CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THE SHOW!!!!”

“I love you sweet Tommy! You’re gonna love it. Please bring @christie.murph I need a hug from her,” Hall replied, referring to Christie Murphy from “Big Brother 21.”

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