‘Big Brother’s’ Will Kirby Is A Bounty Hunter On the New ‘Star Wars’ Show


There was an exciting cameo for “Big Brother” fans on a recent episode of “Book of Boba Fett” — season two winner, Dr. Will Kirby. Read on below to find out what he told Heavy about his character and what it was like stepping onto the set of a “Star Wars” show for Will, who is a self-proclaimed “fanatic” of the franchise.

Dr. Will Plays a Former Bounty Hunter

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In an interview with Heavy, Will revealed that he plays a former bounty hunter named Karales who may or may not have a gambling problem.

“I play a charismatic, wealthy, former bounty hunter who I would like to think is quick the ladies and even quicker with his blaster. He spends much of his time gambling at Madam Garsa Fwip’s (Jennifer Beals) club in Mos Espa on Tatooine,” said Will.

When asked how this role came about for him — because Dr. Will is not an actor, he’s a licensed dermatologist and the Chief Medical Officer for LaserAway — the “Big Brother” winner basically (and cheekily) said it’s classified.

“I cannot get into specific details but I will say that there is a secret, underground group of super-fans that stay in close communication with each other [and] look out for each other’s best interests. Just like anything in life, persistence pays off and when the right opportunity presents itself, you cannot hesitate,” said Will.

If you missed it, Will appears in episode four of “Book of Boba Fett,” which dropped on January 19 and is titled “Chapter 4: The Gathering Storm.” You’ll just have to keep tuning in to find out if he pops back up in any of the remaining episodes, but he did tease for us that there is a “specific reason” that he plays a human character.

“My face was exposed obviously and I play a human character, as opposed to a creature or a droid, for a specific reason that I can’t divulge at this time. Let’s just say that there are a lot of Easter eggs on this streaming series so watch every episode very, very, very closely,” teased Will.

Will Said Appearing On A ‘Star Wars’ Show Was ‘A Dream’ Come True

In a previous interview with Heavy, Dr. Will teased this project for us without revealing what it was, saying, “I did recently participate in a few episodes of my dream scripted show. … when it airs all my entertainment dreams will have come to fruition. I have to be cryptic for now, but you’ll understand more this December!”

So based on that, we had to ask if he’s a huge “Star Wars” fan and he said absolutely.

“I am a true ‘Star Wars’ fanatic in every sense of the phrase. ‘Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back’ was the first movie I ever remember seeing,” said Will. “See, imprinting starts early and until you have made your own Sarlacc Pit out of sand and toothpicks in your backyard, you don’t really know yourself all that well! So, yes, this all has been a dream. A dazzling, technicolor spice dream.”

He also said part of what made it so amazing was that his costume blew him away with how beautiful and yet practical it was, telling Heavy, “My custom-made outfits were the most opulent and lavish yet functional costumes you have ever seen. It’s not hard to suspend disbelief and truly imagine you are on a distant planet, completely immersing yourself in the ‘Star Wars’ universe when you and all your colleagues look the part!”

Speaking of colleagues, there are some heavy-hitters working on “Book of Boba Fett,” and Will said they are just as impressive as one might imagine.

“Writer and creator Jon Favreau is clearly a one-in-a-generation talent and I was enthralled watching him work,” said Will. “Directors Robert Rodriguez and Kevin Tancharoen and executive producer David Filoni clearly all live and breathe ‘Star Wars.’ Their passion was palpable. And let’s not forget the soundtrack [of] composer Ludwig Göransson is a genius! But everyone involved, and I literally mean every single person involved, in this massive production, was a consummate professional! Not just high class, world-class!”

So, does this mean Will is taking on a new profession now? Not exactly.

“While I respect actors immensely, I would never want that be my occupation. My future legacy is going to be that I helped bring aesthetic dermatology services to the masses. Our company, LaserAway, is opening our 81st clinic next week and are currently in the midst of a massive expansion,” said Will, adding, “To answer your question, it would take something extraordinarily unique to put me on camera again.”

But never say never.

“Book of Boba Fett” drops new episodes every Wednesday on Disney Plus. “Big Brother” OG will be back in the summer of 2022, but the third season of “Celebrity Big Brother” premieres on Wednesday, February 2 at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times on CBS.

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