‘Big Brother’s’ Will Kirby Eyes Political Run

Dr. Will Kirby on 'Big Brother 22'

CBS Dr. Will Kirby on 'Big Brother 22'

Fan-favorite “Big Brother” winner Dr. Will Kirby recently made waves on social media when he outlined his run for the governor of California. Is he serious about running? It sounds like he is. Read on for what Heavy found out and what Kirby’s proposed platform is.

Kirby Outlined A Fiscally Conservative, Socially Liberal Platform

In a since-deleted Instagram post (via Reddit), Kirby said that while he has “no true desire to be a politician,” he does think California “desperately needs an intervention.”

He said his campaign would be based on “old fashioned common sense” and lists his ideologies that include a one-term pledge, salary donation to charity, a financially conservative platform with an “emphasis on state tax reduction” and favorable conditions for businesses, liberal ideologies that are basically “as long as you aren’t hurting anyone else, what you do in your home is up to you,” and a “supreme emphasis on inclusion and diversity.”

He also wrote, “We can all agree that the political regimes currently running the state just aren’t implementing procures that work. Maybe it’s time we put a fresh set of eyes on our state’s problems and give non-politicians the opportunity to implement non-conventional approaches to improving the needs of our state citizens.”

Kirby outlines his bio by saying he is a nonsmoker, non-drinker, has excellent credit, is a licensed California physician, loves dogs, is an ovolacto pescatarian (which means he eats dairy products, eggs, and fish) and the “one skeleton in [his] closet” is that he is a former reality TV personality.

He ended the post by saying he is “sincerely exploring ways” that he can “contribute to healthy discourse” and is trying to “gauge what level of support [he] might garner” for a gubernatorial run.

The Reddit comments are full of people who think he’s trolling his fans, people who say they would vote for him, and people wondering what political party he would run under.

One user wrote, “Get Danielle Reyes on board for Lt. Gov. and he has my vote!” and another wrote, “He’ll win the race by telling everyone that they shouldn’t vote for him,” which is a funny nod at the way Kirby won “Big Brother” season two. Another user commented, “Twist: this is all for a 2022 reality show called ‘Governor Will,’ where we follow him around the office and get to vote on his decisions by phone and online.”

Finally, one user pointed out, “I remember another reality TV star who made people think, ‘he can’t win and this will be fun to watch.'”

Kirby Deleted the Instagram Post At the Request of His Lawyer

Heavy reached out to Kirby for comment about taking the post down and he said that it was at his lawyer’s request due to an ongoing legal matter that he said was being resolved on April 27 in Los Angeles. But it sounds as though he is serious about possibly running for political office.

Kirby did not reveal what the legal matter is. The only legal matter that we know he’s recently been involved in was asking for a restraining order against his former “Big Brother” ally Mike “Boogie” Malin for threats Malin made against Kirby’s family.

Big Brother U.S. returns in summer 2021 for its 23rd season. Big Brother Canada returned for its ninth season on March 3.

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