Dr. Will Kirby Says the ‘Big Brother 24’ Jury Was ‘Very Opinionated’


Former “Big Brother” winner Dr. Will Kirby sat down with the season 24 jury ahead of last night’s live finale to discuss the merits of the final three.

The jury segment aired during Sunday’s episode and everyone seemed to be getting along but according to Kirby, tension was high on set that day.

Here’s what you need to know:

Dr. Will Kirby Says ‘Tensions’ Were ‘Running High’ on Set

In a September 25 interview with Us Weekly, Kirby spilled a few behind-the-scenes secrets about his time with the “Big Brother 24” jury.

The former houseguest told Us Weekly that things got heated during the jury roundtable.

“My sense is that they all got along fairly well in the jury house but as soon as I started asking some provocative questions, well, that ignited a spark and a lot of raw emotion was expressed,” he told the outlet. “There were a few times during the roundtable where we had to ask a few of the houseguests to sit down, take some deep breaths, and calmly reset. Needless to say, tensions are running high with the jury!”

Kirby also revealed how he approaches the roundtable segment, telling the publication that he takes the job seriously.

“I’m a consummate professional,” he told Us Weekly. “I know the jury roundtable isn’t about me – it’s about the evicted houseguests and their personal and collective journeys. I want to help them work through their emotions and try to put their personal biases, the subjectivity aside and put a premium emphasis on the final three houseguests, the game that each played, and why each might make a case to be crowned the winner.”

He continued, “Let’s be really clear: $750,000 is a tremendous amount of money and we really need them to consider all options before casting their votes.”

Taylor Hale on Her Historic ‘Big Brother’ Win

Taylor Hale made “Big Brother” history last night. The Michigan beauty queen became the first black woman to win the show with an 8 to 1 jury vote.

On top of that, Hale was voted America’s Favorite Player and took home a $50,000 prize, bringing her total winnings to $800,000.

Taylor spoke to Entertainment Weekly about her historic win, telling the outlet that the title feels “bigger” than her.

“I watched a lot of seasons in preparation coming into this game, and the last season that I watched coming in was season 3,” she told the outlet. “I saw Danielle [Reyes] and the win that she should have had get taken away from her. And that just gave me the extra fuel that I needed to never let go of why in this game.”

“There were so many times where it would’ve been very easy for me to step away from this game,” she continued. “I think everybody can understand that. But my purpose for coming to this game was so much bigger than just Taylor Hale playing. It was so much bigger than just trying to make a name for myself. There was a bigger moment for me that I knew that I had to fulfill, and somehow I ended up pulling it off. So I just want future Black women “Big Brother” players to know that they can come into the game and they don’t have to be bullied or harassed or painted as a villain. They can just be themselves. And win.”

Hale also spoke about how, historically, women of color have often been unfairly targeted in  the “Big Brother” house. The season 24 winner revealed she thought about houseguests like Danielle Reyes and Da’Vonne Rogers “all the time” while playing the game.

“I thought about them all the time,” she told the outlet. “When it was hard, I thought about them, and I thought about Da’Vonne in her first season. She was evicted, like, week three because people were talking about her the first week when she was counting things in the house. Why is it that people who look like me playing this game are immediately villainized, immediately looked at with shadows of doubt when there are so many other players who have played more mischievous and malicious games?”

“I just want there to be freedom for us to exist,” she continued. “And if I had to be the one that beared a lot of the burden so we could prove the point, then so be it. It paid off, and now there should be freedom for the rest of the future.”

Stay tuned for more “Big Brother” updates.

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