‘Big Brother’ Alum Thinks Her Son Could Win the Show Someday

Jun Song Big Brother winner

Youtube Big Brother winner Jun Song recently joked on Instagram about her son winning the show one day.

The winner of “Big Brother 4″, Jun Song, has historically not shown any interest in returning to the “Big Brother” house. However, it seems she might be open to the idea of her son being a future houseguest.

On an Instagram photo of Song with her son, the “Big Brother” winner wrote, “your BB4 and BB35 winners are wishing you a fierce and love-filled #pridemonth.” Although it seems that Song was making a lighthearted joke about her son Noah someday joining the ranks of “Big Brother” winners, perhaps it’s a sign that she supports the idea of him being on the show.

Song didn’t watch last season of “Big Brother” but her son is a fan. In a 2020 interview with Us Weekly, she said that although she wouldn’t be tuning in for BB22, her son would be rooting for Tyler Crispen, whom he’d been a fan of all through BB20. Noah was born in 2012 to Song and her Belgian husband, Davy. The family resides in Ghent, Belgium.

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Song Has Called Out the Show in the Past

Some fans were surprised to see Song joking about her son competing on “Big Brother“, as she’s taken issue with the show and its contestants in the past. In 2020, she tweeted a poll writing, “For all those people out there who are dying to get on a season of #BigBrother…would you still do it if you had to sign something saying you’re okay with the fact that CBS had predetermined a winner and it’s not you?”

Some fans took this tweet to mean that Song has suspicions about production rigging the outcome of the show.

Song also clapped back at fellow “Big Brother” winner Dan Gheesling on Twitter after he defended Memphis Garrett’s actions on BB22. Garrett received criticism for making fun of houseguest Ian Terry who is on the autism spectrum. Some live feed watchers also alleged that Garrett used a racial slur while in the house.

In September 2020, Dan Gheesling tweeted, “I think it’s important to strive for kindness & empathy but in no way am I perfect. Memphis is my friend of 10+ years. I know him to be a stand up guy & great dad. I’ll keep rooting for him because if people have to be perfect to deserve friendship no one would have any friends.”

Song quoted the tweet, adding “Nobody is asking for perfection, Dan, and you probably know that. You insult people by minimizing these wrongdoings. And you can have your friendship with Memphis. Nobody can take that away from you. It’s your privilege, both literally and figuratively.”

Song Never Wanted to Be Famous

Song won “Big Brother” in 2003, before “social media influencer” became a viable career path. But even back then, she was wary of being in the spotlight and never intended to become famous as a result of being on the show.

In an article she wrote for Vulture in 2015, Song says that she only applied for “Big Brother” in the hopes of distracting herself from a recent breakup. It was never about fame for her. “I had made the decision not to chase after whatever measure of fame my summer on Big Brother might have afforded me,” Song wrote.

In the article, Song details the hard years she encountered after being on the show. Her father died unexpectedly and she found herself “giving erotic massages with happy endings” in New York City. She also details her experience with gaining weight while in the “Big Brother” house and how the show’s production team shamed her for it. “CBS kindly aired a montage of my weight gain,” says Song.

Despite her struggles after the show, Song says “Big Brother” will always be a part of who she is. “Even though I didn’t seek fame from Big Brother, I also realize that the show is (and probably always will be) a part of my life, as any experience is,” Song wrote in Vulture.

She and her husband own and operate a Korean restaurant called Rice House in Belgium.

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