‘Big Brother’ Winner Xavier Prather Talks Kyland, Tiffany & Returning to the Show

'Big Brother 23' winner Xavier Prather

CBS 'Big Brother 23' winner Xavier Prather

In his exit interview, “Big Brother” season 23 winner Xavier Prather dissected his game for Heavy, shared how he feels about Kyland Young now and weighed in on Tiffany Mitchell winning America’s Favorite Player. Plus, he revealed if he would ever return to the game.

Xavier Says He Doesn’t See Him & Kyland Being BFFs

'Big Brother 23' Winner Xavier Prather Interview"Big Brother 23" winner Xavier Prather tells us about if he'll be friends with Kyland Young outside of the show, if he was surprised that Tiffany Mitchell won AFP, and if he would ever return to the show.2021-10-01T14:52:36Z

Heavy: Kyland rubbed a lot of fans the wrong way with both the way he left the house and the way he doubled-down on those comments last night. How are you feeling about Kyland now?

Xavier: I spoke with Kyland briefly on finale night just letting him know that hey we should talk and he was like, “Yeah, we should have a talk man to man” … to discuss how I perceive what you said and what your intentions were behind what you said. We should have a conversation and discuss it because even though I took offense with what he said … Kyland is somebody who I don’t know if I make it to those final two chairs without him. He did help all members of the Cookout make history and that’s not something I want to just throw away without at least having a conversation, trying to get some kind of reconciliation or be able to move away in more of a positive light.

At least try to get some understanding and then our relationship will be what it is. But we made history together, as did all members of the Cookout, and I don’t wanna just throw away that relationship. Honestly, I don’t anticipate us being BFFs, but I think we should have a conversation just man to man.

Why Did Xavier Work With the Men Over the Women?

Heavy: Let’s talk about alliances. The Cookout was awesome and I’m so glad you guys made it to the final six, but why was your sub-alliance all men?

Xavier: The sub-alliance meaning my final three with Big D and Kyland? I also had a kind of unofficial final three with Tiffany and Hannah, and then another final three with Big D and Azah. I had a final three with just about every member of the Cookout. Big D and I knew that by keeping Kyland close, if he won competitions, he would look at other people besides myself and Big D was my final two, so my top priority was keeping him safe.

But I had deals with Tiffany, Hannah, Azah. I was perfectly fine working with anybody. That was just how the cards were dealt when Kyland won HOH at [final] 6. I needed to make sure he took out arguably the biggest threat besides myself and that was Tiffany. Even though I’m sure the fans would’ve loved to see potentially Tiffany and I sitting in the final two chairs to duke it out — which the fan in me would’ve loved that — just to see what happens. Because I think Tiffany played a brilliant game, as did Azah and Hannah. But when you’re in there and you’re trying to win the game, [Tiffany] was the biggest threat and Kyland was willing to take that shot, so that’s just kind of what needed to happen. But it was never like “I’m only gonna work with guys,” I had deals in place with the women too, it’s just they didn’t win so I couldn’t act on that at that time, at [final] six.

Heavy: Did you throw the final six HOH competition? I can’t remember.

Xavier: I just didn’t win that one … not my comp. If I had won that, I was truthfully thinking about taking a big shot. I knew Tiffany was coming for me and I also had reason to get Kyland out, I was potentially thinking about putting both of them up, and let’s see what happens? But Kyland won, so at that point, it was kind of the deal that I have to move forward with to make sure that Big D and I get a little closer to the final two.

Was Xavier Surprised That Tiffany Won America’s Favorite Player?

Big Brother – Same Page, Different GamesXavier shares how bending the truth helped his game play! Subscribe to the "Big Brother' Channel HERE: bit.ly/1lvQig6 Watch Full Episodes of "Big Brother" HERE: bit.ly/1IzC38F Follow "Big Brother" on Instagram HERE: bit.ly/1htEDV1 Like "Big Brother" on Facebook HERE: on.fb.me/1DD6jAX Follow "Big Brother" on Twitter HERE: bit.ly/1L2knpX Follow "Big Brother" on Google+ HERE: bit.ly/1MYDZvt Find…2021-09-27T08:02:59Z

Heavy: Were you surprised that Tiffany was America’s Favorite Player?

Xavier: No, not at all. Tiffany is a legend. Tiffany and I, from a competitive standpoint, we were going at each other. But we’re two competitive Michiganders. That’s what we do. Either we’re gonna end up at the final two or I’m gonna get you or you’re gonna get me. That’s pretty much how it goes. But I know from a game standpoint, we respect each other’s game enough to know, hey this person’s a big threat to me. The way she played the game, her personality, Tiffany is 100 percent a legend and she won two HOHs back to back. She’ll forever be a “Big Brother” legend.

Heavy: I would’ve loved to see you two in the final two. I wish I could poll the jury to see who would’ve won!

Xavier: I haven’t really seen social media, but I felt like people either wanted to see myself and Tiffany [in the final two] or maybe myself and Kyland? But I feel like people wanted to see myself and Tiffany more because from an overall game standpoint, I think it would’ve been more of a toss-up. I think Tiffany definitely could’ve won or I could’ve won, but I think it would’ve been more of a close race than me sitting next to Big D. And I know Tiffany has even said this, I know she felt like if she took me out and she made it to the final two, she was pretty much guaranteed to win and I felt the same with her. So it’s just kind of a situation where if we’re not gonna be a final two, I gotta get you before you get me.

From an overall game perspective, I love the game she played.

Xavier Says Alliances Gotta Stop Putting Themselves on Blast

Heavy: What was most impressive about the Cookout was how you played the game like a game of telephone. It was so under the radar.

Xavier: I gotta say, in past “Big Brother” seasons when they do the whole “OK, let’s get all eight of us in the room,” when you’re in the house, that’s just stupid! Everyone in that house can see hey, half the house isn’t here! Someone’s in HOH right now … that concept to me is just not beneficial to anyone’s game. You put your alliance on blast or you have to meet at ungodly times and I was just like no. Let’s just — I’ll talk to you, you talk to them, and then we’ll all get together and compare notes and make sure we’re all on the same page and it worked pretty effectively throughout this game.

Would Xavier Return to ‘Big Brother’ or Has He Reached the Pinnacle?

Heavy: Would you return to “Big Brother” if they asked you?

Xavier: Uh, I think I’ll definitely take a break for a little while … future seasons, we’ll have to see. I may come back if they did like a season 14 coaches thing. I’d like to come back and maybe be a coach with Tiffany, have us both be coaches in the house. I think that would pretty cool. … I’m a coach, Tiffany’s a coach and then we have our teams attack each other. It would be so much fun.

“Big Brother” returns this winter with a third celebrity edition, then season 24 should return in the summer of 2022.

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monica rashed
monica rashed
11 months ago

Let’s get it straight. Josh Martinez was the FIRST Black Big Brother winner, being Afro-Cuban.

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