Two ‘Big Brother’ Alums Get Sexy Together on OnlyFans

Zach Rance and Jozea Flores on Instagram

Instagram Zach Rance and Jozea Flores on Instagram

On the heels of Big Brother contestant Zach Rance coming out as bisexual and revealing that he had a sexual relationship with Frankie Grande outside of the house, he is now putting that new revelation to work on OnlyFans.

Rance and fellow Big Brother alum Jozea Flores sent their followers into a frenzy recently by posting some sexually charged photos and videos to Instagram, teasing them to come on over to OnlyFans for the full monty — but is it worth it? Here’s what we know.

Flores and Rance Are Making Suggestive Photos and Videos

In an Instagram post, Flores and Rance are oiling each other up, then they are embracing on the bathroom counter in the nude. Flores captioned the post, “2020 has brought us some f**** up s***! But I honestly have to say this right here is the best way to end my year! Say what y’all want, head to my O-F.”

“O-F” stands for OnlyFans. Both Flores and Rance have accounts where they offer nude or sexually suggestive content.

Flores also put up an Instagram story where he and Rance were rubbing up on each other, but it has since disappeared. A version of the video was posted to Twitter:

Fans Are Losing Their Minds

In the Instagram comments, Big Brother fans are going crazy about these two. One wrote, “Omg wow! You and Zach?!?!” and another said, “Well, I ship.”

On Twitter, people are more shocked. One fan wrote, “Um, I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say no one expected this,” and another wrote, “Zach and Jozea? Why am I not mad about it?”

But the OnlyFans stuff might be a big tease. In one comment, a fan wrote not to bother because he “just spent $300 for literally no nudity.” In a forum discussing the videos, one fan says he’s charging $100 each for three 30-second videos. A couple of other fans are talking about the videos and say it’s “f***ing hot” but “absolutely not worth more than like ten bucks,” to which another responded, “That was hot. $50 hot? No. But still hot.”

So if you’ve always wanted to see two semi-nude Big Brother dudes rub sunscreen on each other, now is your chance.

Rance Recently Came Out As Bisexual

VideoVideo related to two ‘big brother’ alums get sexy together on onlyfans2020-12-15T10:45:54-05:00

In a YouTube forum titled “Mental Health Event: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity,” Rance opened up about his experience with Frankie Grande in the hopes that it will inspire other people to be more open-minded.

“It’s hard for me to just say I’m straight. I’m not gay either. But I just wanted to come out and say that and be transparent and come out and say I am bisexual, even though I do lean more towards heterosexuality. I just wanted to clear the air on that,” said Rance, adding, “I want to inspire other people to — maybe not experiment, that’s not the right word but just be more open-minded because you can fall in love with someone’s mind and you can fall in love with someone’s heart and you can have a sexual relationship with those people because you’re attracted to their mind, you’re attracted to their heart.”

Big Brother 23 will return in the summer of 2021. Until then, we might get a new season of Big Brother Canada this winter/spring and there is talk of a winter edition of Celebrity Big Brother.

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