Brandi Redmond’s Car Accident Details & Update

Brandi Redmond car accident

Getty Brandi Redmond.

Although 2020 was a tough year for many, it was especially hard for Real Housewives of Dallas star Brandi Redmond.

The mom-to-be faced several emotional hurdles in October when her mother-in-law, Jill Marie Redmond, died in a car accident. Redmond’s nine-year-old daughter Brinkley was also in the vehicle at the time of the crash, but she managed to survive, according to Redmond’s Instagram. Although the reality star has expressed gratitude on social media on several occasions regarding her daughter’s health, she has not revealed many details surrounding the accident or her own mental health.

With RHOD’s season five premiere airing tonight, on January 5 at 9/8c on Bravo, many are wondering how Redmond is doing since the fatal accident.

Here’s what you need to know:

Stephanie Hollman, Redmond’s Friend & RHOD Cast Mate, Recently Shared an Update on the Former Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader’s Mental Health

On January 5, Redmond’s friend and RHOD cast mate, Stephanie Hollman, provided some insight into Redmond’s mental health during an Instagram Live interview with Hollywood Life.

Hollman expressed during the interview that Redmond went through a phase of struggling with suicidal thoughts.

“I knew she was suicidal because she would call me and tell me that she was feeling like she needed to end her life,” she shared, according to Hollywood Life. “It was very scary, a very emotional time. It’s still very hard to talk about.”

Redmond checked into a “place where she could work on her mental health,” the cast mate disclosed, much to her relief and the relief of Redmond’s husband.

“She went somewhere where she was doing therapy all day every day and I think at the time, she needed to wrap her mind around everything going on,” Hollman said. “I think that she would tell you that it was probably a good thing.”

Hollman also touched on Redmond’s growth from the challenges she faced last year, including the accident and a racism scandal.

“She was able to look back on what she did and realize that it hurt people and she had a lot of remorse for that,” Hollman continued on the Live. “I think she was also able to work on herself and she got a lot out of it and people will see that this season.”

According to Hollman, she is “proud” of Redmond, who is taking some time away from social media.

“She’s in a much better place,” Hollman disclosed. “I think sometimes when it shows, when you watch a show and you lived it, it can really bring up some tough times and then whenever you have people that tell you everything that they feel about you, it’s hard.”

Redmond Announced the Car Accident on Instagram on October 10

On October 10, Redmond announced on Instagram that her mother-in-law had died in a fatal car crash, according to MEAWW.

In a now-deleted post of a series of family photos, the outlet reported that Redmond wrote:

My husband’s beautiful mom has gone on to be with our Savior and my sister in laws said it best…so I PLEASE ask that you keep my family in your prayers during this difficult time. I ask that you lift my sweet Brinkley up as she continues to heal and that God protects her heart and eyes from this tragedy. I am so thankful for her life. This is probably the most thankful yet pain I’ve ever felt.

On October 30, Redmond shared an update on her social media account explaining that her daughter was healing “mentally and physically.”

“I love this photo of her as a baby with my mother in law,” she captioned a photo of her late mother-in-law holding Brinkley as a baby.

“Again, Lord thank you, thank you for Brinkley’s life,” Redmond added. “There will never be a day I don’t thank you for my precious baby girl.”

The reality star also encouraged her fans to “sign a petition for safety at the intersection where my mil’s life was tragically taken from us.”

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