Bravo Star Under Fire for ‘Obnoxious’ Post About Relationship

Amanda Batula

Bravo Summer House's Amanda Batula

The “Summer House” season 6 had its finale this week and viewers saw longtime couple Amanda Batula and Kyle Cooke tying the knot after a summer of stress and difficult discussions over their wedding. Many fans have been split over the couple’s relationship as their ups and downs were well-documented over their time on the Bravo show.

An Instagram Story shared by Batula ahead of their wedding in the finale sparked criticism from fans, as it ended with a hint that she thought fans should thank her and Cooke for being so open about their relationship. Batula wrote on Instagram:

Tonight, we get to relive our wedding day and share the best day of our life with all of you and I think that’s pretty freaking awesome.

Over the past 6 years, I’ve been entertained and humored by some of the outrageousness and far fetched theories, speculations and bets on our relation and marriage.

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Batula Spoke Up About All the Support She’d Received & Concluded Her Message With ‘You’re Welcome’

Amanda Batula Instagram

InstagramAmanda Batula’s Instagram Story

Batula’s Instagram message continued with the Bravo star expressing gratitude for the support she received in her several seasons on the show. “On the flip side, [I’ve] been so touched by those of you who have felt comfortable sharing your personal relationship struggles and heart ache with me,” she wrote. “And those who have both asked for and offered advice. I don’t always respond but I do try to read them all and I appreciate every word.” She concluded:

Whether you love us, hate us, think we are great together or can’t believe we went through with it, doesn’t matter.

It hasn’t been easy but we’ve shared our entire relationship with you — the ups and downs, the good and bad, the happy and sad, and now our wedding — so for that, you are welcome.

Cooke also posted about their wedding episode and told fans to remember that the fights they saw were just a fraction of their relationship, because the “happy parts” aren’t exciting enough for TV. The “Summer House” OG wrote, “I know we aren’t the role model couple – we have our flaws and we put them all out there for everyone to judge – but we both know what true love is and what’s worth fighting for.”

He said, “I realize that our family, friends and fans don’t get to see everything (especially the happy parts that make for boring TV) – so I want to thank everyone for their love and support through our ups and downs.”

Batula Came Under Fire for Concluding Her Post With ‘You’re Welcome’ With Many Fans Saying They Weren’t Thanking Her

Many people took issue with the ending of Batula’s post, which said, “you’re welcome.” A screenshot of the Story was shared on Reddit and garnered a lot of responses, including one fan who wrote, “I had to reread that lmao. Could’ve and should’ve been worded so much more gracefully …..” Another simply wrote, “YOU ARE WELCOME.”

One fan pointed out, “Kyle’s taken the right stance on it, I think. Instead of this disastrous stance, his social media has been ‘I know what you’ve seen, but here are all the happy moments you didn’t see’. Love or hate Kyle, he got his point across in a way that was not insulting to the viewer.”

One lengthy reply stated in part, “It’s the juvenile response combined with the air of superiority and the ‘you’re welcome’ for something literally no one asked for. Girl, you chose to be on a reality show for 6 years. It’s not a public service, it’s a job you chose to take. And through Bravo, endorsements, and Loverboy, the fans are a big part of your income stream. Either leave it alone or say thank you, but ‘you’re welcome for putting myself on TV’ is NOT it.”

One person said, “And that’s where she lost me lmao.” Another wrote, “This is a lot.” One viewer commented, “It’s very much giving teenage girl throwing a tantrum to defend her relationship with her shifty older boyfriend.” Someone else commented, “I love when a public figure openly dislikes and talks shit on their partner, then acts offended when fans do the same lol.”

Several comments took issue with Batula writing that she’d been “entertained and humored by some of the outrageousness and far fetched theories.” One fan wrote, “I think she’s been more [than] ‘entertained and humored’ by peoples comments if she’s taking time to mention it in her wedding post…..this is obnoxious.” Another added, “No mention of her love for Kyle even, lol.”

Another person said, “‘Outrageousness and Farfetched theories’ we saw you two hate each other and fight for 6 years.” Someone agreed, “Yeah like what is she talking about? It’s as if WE made up that he cheated on her.” One person wrote, “They haven’t ‘shared’ anything. They traded their privacy for a paycheck.” Someone commented, “ah, the ‘gift’ nobody (not a single soul) asked for! Thanks?”

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