Bravo Star Slams Haters in Impassioned Message: ‘I’ve Had Enough’

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Bravo star Amanda Batula recently took to her Instagram Stories to blast haters in a long, impassioned message. The “Summer House” star, who got married to her co-star Kyle Cooke in a ceremony that aired in the season 6 finale of the show, wrote on her Stories on May 11, “I try to ignore the hate. I try not to read the comments on others posts. I make valiant efforts to not entertain the negativity, but this has been bothering me for months and I’ve had enough today.”

Her Story came about a week after she’d told fans in another Instagram Story ahead of the wedding episode that she and Cooke had shared their entire relationship with them. She was criticized by fans for ending her post with “you’re welcome,” as fans said she made it sound as though they should be grateful to Batula and Cooke for being so open.

In her most recent Instagram Story, Batula said she’d reached her “breaking point” and had to speak up.

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Batula Said She Was Tired of Being Reminded of Cooke’s Cheating & Made to Feel as Though She Couldn’t Have an Opinion on Others’ Relationships

Amanda Batula Instagram Story

InstagramAmanda Batula’s Instagram Story

In Batula’s latest statement, she said she was “sick. and. tired. of people saying that I don’t have the right to give advice or have an opinion because I was cheated on.” She said people have been reminding her of Cooke’s infidelity “once a week for the past 4 years.” Batula added:

Even if it’s not about someone’s relationship, I’m apparently no longer allowed a voice because of someone else’s actions. And because I chose to stay. It’s so dismissive and so f***** up and has actually caused me to withhold from participating in conversations and that makes me so sad.

Batula continued by saying that fans “complain that there’s too much drama on our show and they’d rather watch us having fun, yet all I see on the internet are people trying to pin us against each other and picking sides.” She said the “mean” things the cast members say on the show are very minimal compared to the hate they receive online and yet the “Summer House” cast is considered “the bad guys.”

In another slide, Batula said it’s not that easy to ignore all the hateful messages because she can’t tell what’s a “death threat” versus an innocent response to her Story without opening it and reading it.

Fans Were Not Impressed With Batula’s Message & Said She Was the One Bringing Up Cooke’s Cheating

Batula’s Instagram post was in general not very well received on Reddit as fans shared a screenshot on the platform and criticized the Bravo star for her take, with many saying she was the one bringing up the cheating. One person wrote, “Amanda this season- 2 episode arc throwing a huge tantrum, breaking items because her fiancé stayed out and she’s scared of him cheating. Also Amanda- how DARE you DM me I was cheated on?!”

Someone else said, “Girl, if you don’t want people talking about the cheating then both STOP talking about it YOURSELF, and get the f*** off of a reality TV show where you and your husband fight constantly. These are literally problems she’s created herself.” Another person wrote, “I feel for her but wasn’t she the one that reminded us every week that he cheated by questioning his every move?”

One person said, “It’s really not a strong argument to be like ‘I’m not nearly as mean as you watchers are.'” Someone else wrote, “…so you agree, you think you’re mean. You’re just crying because there are people who are meaner??” One commenter stated, “She’s really annoying me lately. We don’t pin you against your castmates, you do that to yourselves! We pick sides because you guys created the two sides!”

One person pointed out, “I’m pretty sure more people hated on her this season for how mean she was to Kyle, and for being stupid about a prenup, not hating on her for staying with him after cheating lol.” Another person wrote, “I mean, she chose to go on a reality show. That comes along with the territory, no?” Someone said they thought she seemed “entitled” to assume that she should be receiving only positive feedback and “if you make [your] life public you’re also opening yourself to criticism.”

Batula also received a lot of criticism in the Reddit thread for bringing up her co-star Lindsay Hubbard’s miscarriage and some fans said they thought her Instagram Story would have been an apology about that.

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