Summer House Star Wants Lindsay Hubbard Off the Show

Lindsay Hubbard

Heavy/NBCUniversal Lindsay Hubbard

The first few episodes of “Summer House” season 7 have made it clear that there is a growing divide in the house, with Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke on one side and most of the house on the other.

In fact, the fallout between Hubbard and Amanda Batula came to a head in the latest episode as Batula burst into tears over the situation while Kyle Cooke ripped into Hubbard. On “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen” after the episode, Batula was asked which cast member she didn’t want to see back on the show.

“You guys are trying to get me in so much trouble,” she said. After a brief hesitation, Batula said, “Lindsay.” In response to another question, Batula also admitted that Hubbard is the cast member that her husband likes the least.

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Episode 5 of ‘Summer House’ Season 7 Began in the Middle of a Fight Between Kyle Cooke & Lindsay Hubbard as Amanda Batula Cried in Her Room

The 5th episode of “Summer House” season 7 began at the tail end of a massive argument that saw Batula in tears in her room while Cooke lashed out at Hubbard. The fight started in the previous episode when Danielle Olivera said she trusts Batula the least while playing a game.

The comment made Batula cry as Hubbard and Olivera explained that it was due to her comment on “Winter House” that Radke was just an “employee” of Cooke’s Loverboy company and that Hubbard “tainted” Radke since they started dating. Batula’s tears got Cooke enraged as he unleashed on Hubbard. He called her a “master manipulator” and said Batula deserved better than how Hubbard was treating her.

“When people who are actual a******s and actual b*****s get their way it honestly makes me sick,” Cooke ranted. Olivera yelled at Radke to defend his girlfriend, but Hubbard later reassured him that she didn’t need him to intervene.

Lindsay Hubbard Responded to Fans Who Felt That She Was Constantly Being Attacked on ‘Summer House’

Some fans have been criticizing the cast of “Summer House” for appearing to always attack Hubbard, and the OG responded to one of those comments. “I need to know what the f*** has Lindsay done to these people. I’m exhausted,” someone wrote on Twitter. Hubbard replied to the comment, “I breathe…”

It seems as though the divide in the house will only get worse as Andrea Denver teased that on his next visit to the house, there was a “dark energy” there. He told Page Six that his first visit, which was already shown on the show, “wasn’t as bad as the second time.” He explained that he didn’t feel as comfortable in the house.

“There was something that wasn’t as fixable as it was before, and I’m not talking about Kyle and Carl,” he said, hinting that it was the feud between Hubbard and Olivera, which has yet to play out on screen. “I felt like like, ‘OK, what did I walk into?’ Because it was two different vibes. It was way darker when I got there by the end of the summer,” he concluded.

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